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Monday, November 07, 2005

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I think the point of my post here is to show that even though we live in a society that believes in equality well to some extent anyway there are places in this world that don’t.
2 of my commentators (Chosha and Bella) are 2 of my favorites because of their youth an the piss and vinegar attitudes, something I can appreciate.
That’s why I read you both.
The thing is, my generation has fought up to here and now it’s up to you, but it’s an uphill battle for some of these because you will be fighting tradition that is held by MEN and WOMAM.
To this day my mother believes it's a womans job to do all the housework and to go to workoutside of the house.
This is what she was taught by her mother and she has passed it on. This is based on her life in Greece and not on her present life.
We can bitch and complain but what other people do it their own business if we agree with it or not.
To impose your beliefs on them would make you no better. They have to come to what is right on their own.
Remember tradition is harder to change than underwear , even though it is shitty.


Now I should do some explaining from my last post and hopefully answer some of your comments from the last post here as well.
I started writing those love letters when I was 10. By the time I was in Greece I was 11,
When my uncle married this woman she was 13 ½ and I can tell you this much, she wasn’t happy. I think he was 29 at the time.
His problem as I see it today was that they had nothing in common.
If fact he used to beat her like a dog, because she didn’t understand what he was asking.
She wasn’t allowed to go out on her own and she was supposed to be home when he got there.
In turn he was a gambler.
That was how he made his money and he would be gone at times for days at a stretch.
She was having problems with other people as well.
Let’s face it at the ripe old age of 14, what could she have in common with the other women who were in their 40’s.
She was for the most part the ticket for the rest of her family to come to Canada. That’s why her family wanted her to marry my uncle.
After she came here my uncle sponsored the rest of her family to come on over. This consisted of 2 brothers and her parents.
While I was in Greece I learned that life is different. People married people that they didn’t know and age was unimportant.
Her father was 25 years younger that her mother.
They said that love had nothing to do with it and that “You can grow to love the person”
They had other customs that I disagree with.
While I was in Greece I had many fights, mostly because of their way of thinking.
For instance
The teacher would walk through the town square at night and if he saw a kid playing outside after 8 pm he would get a switch and beat you like a dog.
He tried that on me once and I showed him some math combined with anatomy class and heath class.
Meaning, my foot + his balls = nausea.

My uncle exploited the family when they arrived.
He rented a house and charged them 3 times the amount of rent that he was paying. He kind of reminds me of my brother now that I think of it.
My aunt slowly started having mental problems by the time she reached 30 years old.
I argued with my father about it once because I told him it was because of the smacks he gave her all the time.
My father got all fired up because my uncle is his brother and defended him but you know me, I had to speak my mind.
Her family eventually figured out they were being screwed and moved out on their own.
My aunt became kind of weird as the years went by and she acted like she was royalty.
She bought $1000 dresses expensive furniture.
They bought a house that cost $100,000 and spent $100,000 more making it look fancy.
My aunt and uncle had 3 kids.
The kids were spoiled and my aunt had thee grand dreams of what her children would be when they grew up.
Her daughter was like her mother, full of illusions of grandeur.
She just like her mother went out and bought things on credit and never paid them.
She called relatives for loans because they were apparently in trouble and family helps family, so she got the money and threw it away.
As the years passed, my aunt without my uncle knowing had mortgaged the house to the point that they owned $300,000 on a $200,000 house and there were collection agencies chasing them from every store in the city.
Upon finding out how much trouble he was in my uncle went to family for loans to save his house which was being for closed on at this point.
He was surprised to learn that he owed family heaps of money all ready.
Before my father and mother ever went on the limb and lent money they made sure they talked to me first. Not that I had any say in the matter but I am very analytical about decisions I make.
I told them that they shouldn’t lend them the money.
My uncle came over and I sat down with him and tried to reason with him by telling him that if they let the house go and declare bankcrupcy they all his problems would go away.
They could start over again and be more careful.
My aunt was adamant about saving the house.
So she got nothing from us except $6000 so they could by food and pay the immediate bills.
My father wrote them a cheque and my aunt squealed to this demanding cash.
I told my father not to give them cash, I saw something funny in her actions.
They accepted the check 3 days later and that was done with.
My uncle went around and collected $90,000 and gave it to the bank.
They took the money and a week later they took they house because he still owed $200,000.
They could have done what I said and bought a house with the money he gave the bank.
Then the people whom he borrowed money from came to collect.
They denied ever borrowing any money and the people who tried to take them to court lost because they had no proof.
They gave them CASH.
My father doesn’t really care about the money and hasn’t asked for it back.
My aunt still reminds us that they owe us the money and it’s the only money they owe because we were the only ones that lent them any.
More like we were the only one’s that had a returned cheque for proof.

Now they are broke and living off my aunt’s disability. She is also addicted to pills.
She takes jars of the things.
I had to score some off the street for my uncle because my aunt was bouncing off the walls and she needed a fix. Her doctor was away on holidays and she used all of hers up.
When my mother was recovering from cancer surgery she took my mothers pain killers for herself.

My aunt still says I am her favorite person in the world and when she sees me she jumps on me hugging and kissing, BLAH !!!!!
My uncle asks me if I could get him laid because my aunt is a nut.
My aunt wants to get laid because my uncle can’t get it up.
His daughter is now married with 3 kids, she calls me for money but not to tell her hubby, she gets squat from me and if she wants money her hubby has to ask me.
He oldest son works in construction and is build like the buildings he works on but there is the small thing about the needle and the steroids that’s attached to the cheek of his ass.
Then there is the youngest son who is a liar and feeds off of women for money. Sounds like his dad.
I guess everyone got what they wanted in the end.
What was that you may ask?
The answer is simple, they got what the deserve.

On a closing note, the one memory I have that sticks in my head about my aunt and uncle was when they got married and we were coming home.
We stayed at an Athens hotel.
My uncle had a cot brought in to the room for me and that night he fucked the shit out of her while I was there laying on the cot.
She cried and screamed throughout the whole thing.


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