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Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Ticket To Ride ©

Last Monday I confirmed my ticket to New Zealand.
It’s done and I am going to be there soon.
Now how cool is THAT?
Was it easy?
Nope, from the beginning it was work from finding an agent to finding the money.
Not even paying was easy.
That is what I had to do on Monday.
Problem was all my fare money wasn’t all cash and they wanted one form of payment and not 2.
So I asked my father if I could borrow his credit card to put my money on it and use it to pay the airline.
Simple right?
He says no.
He says that he doesn’t want to use it because the Mafia might get his number and go on a shopping spree.
I can hear the theme to Twilight Zone playing in the back of my head.
I thought that, I didn’t say it to him.
He may be old but he can still shoot me.
He won’t give it to a reputable airline but he gives it to any fly by night traveling vacuum salesman.
I told him the Mafia won’t get his card number.
Then he starts with Greece is a nice place to go to and we could go together next year instead of me going to NZ.
I told him I can go there too.
Then he says “do you know how many planes crash every year?”
I looked at him with my eyes spinning in my head and reminded him that he just ask me to FLY to Greece with him.
You see my parents have never been without me.
I’m the one that fixes everything.
I arrange doctor appointments.
Take care of the banking.
Fix my father’s and brother’s fuck ups.
I make the decisions no one else wants to make, like when my mother had colon cancer and after the first operation the doctor came in and said the tumor was bigger than they originally thought and they had to go in again.
My father, brother, uncle and aunt had a conference and decided that would not tell my mother they didn’t get it all and she was fine.
They looked at me and I told them they were idiots and went in and told my mother the truth.
So it is fair to say they would not want me to go period.

After much prodding and debating I finally talked him into it.
I go to the bank and put all my money on his VISA.
I get home and tell him that he has to go with me to the agent to sign a paper stating that he authorized the payment.
This is apparently done to catch money laundering.
Then it starts again.
Why do I have to sign something?
So that they know that the Mafia didn’t steal your VISA.
AHHH You see, they know about the Mafia.
So we drive down to the travel agency and on the way my father looks at me and asks me if I am coming back
I told him this is just a holiday and I will be back.
So we get to the travel agent and we sit down and she pulls out the papers.
So she tells me about the ticket.

Agent: You have the deluxe insurance on this ticket
Me: That’s great.
Father: What did she say?
Me: She said I have full insurance.
Father: Good Good
Agent: If a flight is delayed and you miss one, we will take care of you.
Me: Great
Father: What did she say?
Me: She said that they will take good care of me if I miss a flight
Father: Good Good
Agent: If you want to extend your stay for a couple of months it will cost you $125 more. Just in case you meet someone and fall in love.
Me: GREAT!!!!!
Father: What did she say?
Me: She said she saved me $125
Father: Very Good
He signed the papers and I got my ticket.
Now since I got my ticket my parents have eased up and are trying to help me enjoy my vacation.
I gave them a book with lots of pictures in it so they could see where I am going. They plan on taking me shopping and are throwing some extra cash at me just in case I need it.
So with all of that out of the way I have been trying to fix the other stuff that I need to do before I leave but I will keep that for another post.

So with that said
Have a nice……..Hold on

Now I have been going around throwing snow balls at people because of.this.

~ A Snowball ~
Let it snow! ~
You have just been hit with an snow ball!
~ It's the start of...a Snow Ball Fight.
One rule to this game .... You can NOT hit someone who has already hit you!
SO ha ha ha...I am so safe! he he he
Now...go out there and get as many people as you can, before they get you!
I got you first! and you can't get me back! Nanee - Nanee - Nanee - Nah - Nah!
We do not stop playing because we grow old, we grow old because we stop playing.
Never Be The First To Get Old!!! Have fun with this!

It’s not really my style but I do all memes sent to me and this was like a meme.
Now there are 50 or so bloggers pelting each other with snow balls.
I think it only fair I put you all onto the one who started it. Since I can’t throw one at her
Maybe you could all go say Hi to Susan LoL

Hmmm I guess I just pelted all of you too.

Have a nice day


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