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Thursday, November 03, 2005

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As a child growing up in a rough neighborhood, I learned many things.
I learned that if you get pushed down, you got up and shoved in return. It didn’t matter if you got the snot kicked out of you as long as they understood that you would fight back.
If you didn’t shove back then you would be marked a coward and shove through out your life and some today who didn’t fight back are still being shoved down by life it self.
I learned that if someone asked for help bringing in the groceries from their car, it was just that and you had nothing to worry about. You may even get a dime to take to the candy store.
Everyone had their doors unlocked with no fear that someone may come in and rob you.
Parents would leave their kids at home and go shopping knowing that they were safe barring some unforeseen accident. A neighborhood parent would watch out for all the kids and not just their own.
Today the climate has changed.
We have alarms, nightlights, cameras, neighborhood watch programs and that’s just to guard the guard dog.
Triple that to protect your family.
Leave your house unlocked and you might as well go get new stuff before you go home and find the stuff stolen because sure as hell it’s all gone.
With the rapists and pedophiles our kids are in danger in more ways that ever. It used to be easy watching your kids when I was young because we all played in front of the house.
Today your kids don’t go out so you think they are safe, but are they?
The freaks are now on line luring your kid into the open with false information so that they could snatch them up.
Many of the hookers on some of the major cities range in age from 12-20. They just look like they are 40 from all that they have been through.
In today’s age of pure obsession who will guard our kids?
Some of you are thinking what is he talking about,”Pure obsession”?
From our kids to adults we are obsessed with getting what we want even if it is impossible to achieve. We are not content with what we have and have blinded ourselves to our surroundings and miss the wolf when it creeps into your yard.
Get the kid a new game to keep him out of our hair seems to have become the norm and in return the kids have also learned that if they bug their parents then they could get what they want just to keep them away from their parents.
Isolation within the family unit has taken over the family room or should I say deserted it.
The essence of family is becoming more of an exercise in anarchy, and isolation.
Going is they family functions, going are the family vacation.
Going are the days at the beach.
Coming is the wolf to feed on our negligence.
Then sorrow and anger will arrive to fill in the emptiness that you feel.
Parents say they are growing up and want to be with their friends.
That’s fine, bring them along.
Now what I am going to say next is going to get me into trouble with some of you.
Now barring any accident, what ever happens to our kids is our fault.
True we can’t be with them all the time but you can teach them what to look out for. Show them that you trust them and they will trust you. Freak out on them and I guarantee you are going to be in the dark fast and out of the loop.
One of the problems I have seen is that some parents like the idea of having kids but would rather they raise them selves and have no time to be with them because they are too tired or to busy.
You’re never to busy for your kids.
We have left them alone in the world, be it on purpose or inadvertently but which ever it is we have neglected the job of protecting them.
We should know what they are doing and be monitoring this. Almost every move they make, you should be aware of and this way you could cut off any possible danger.
If you kid gets hurt because you let you guard down or you didn’t do your home work on what they are up too, it’s your fault.
The animal that hurt your baby is doing his thing and his thing is with your kid.
It’s no different if you were in the wild and a predator stole and ate your baby, it’s the way it is.
That’s why we have to protect our kids.
Now that I have expressed my opinion that it’s a parents job to protect his/her offspring lets look at who we could trust.
Can we trust teachers?
For the most part yes but there have been many who have been charged with molesting kids but that’s a small percentage.
Can you trust your priest?
Hmmmm I’ll skip this one just to keep my sanity.
Can you trust family?
I think that 99.999 % of the time the answer is yes.
Can you trust other parents?
You should be able to because they could understand what your pain would be.
Or would they………?

Last week my in sister law’s daughter asked her mother to take her and four of her friends to another schoolmates house for a Halloween party.
They all go to a strict Catholic school and the people who send their kids there are well off.
Her mother agreed and the date was set.
Now the parents of this boy are known and considered good people.
When the day of the party arrived, the sister in law picked up all the kids from their homes and took them to the party and left the kids there in the safe hands of those parents whose son was having the party.
Two hours after they were dropped off the sister in law gets a phone call from her daughter demanding they be picked up.
When she was told that she would have to wait an hour because she was busy, her daughter told her something along the lines of that, she was responsible for her and her friends because she dropped them off.
Faced with that much pressure and the frantic phone call she dropped everything and went to get them.
The girls were standing on the street crying and scared.
They are all 14 years old.
After they were picked up and brought to the sister in laws house they told their story. First they told her and then to the police.
They had arrived at the party and there were a dozen kids there already. Most of which were girls.
The father had supplied the beer and the drugs.
The kids were told they could smoke the pot outside so that the house would not smell of pot and he was smoking to.
One of the other girls had been slipped a drug and was assaulted by the father. From the witnesses that were there it was learned that the 14 girl was acting funny and passed out on the couch and the father started playing with her breasts and then undid his pants and put it in her mouth.
This is where the girls called my sister in law.
The police went over and the girl was sent to the children’s hospital all confused and scared. Her parents were called against the girls wishes. She was crying and didn’t want her parents to know what had happened.
She believed it was her fault which it wasn’t.
The police arrested the man and later the parents of the other kids were informed that the man was a known high end drug dealer and was being watched by the police.
There was also a previous complaint against him for rape but nothing could be proven.
It seems that the drugs used are not detectable after 72 hours but they took blood sample from the girl at the hospital and this should be enough to put the fucker in jail.
Now if you can’t trust a parent in a group then we are fucked.
I would have probably stayed at the party and hung out with the parents of the boy because I didn’t know them personally, but it seems that the other parents just dropped off their kids and left to do their thing.
I’m glad that the sister in laws daughter had the sense to get out of there when she saw things not going as they were supposed to but then again she went out trick or treating on Monday night10 km from home and to the worse neighborhood in the city without telling her mother.
If I was the father of that girl that bastard would be dead and I don’t give a fuck if I went to jail.

I think what is missing in today’s society in the together time I had as a kid. Now days many families don’t even eat together, they just grab a plate and head off to their room and the computer or the play station. I used to help cook meals as a kid and we would talk and they would learn what I was up to.
We are becoming a disposable society at an alarming rate and we are tossing our kids away
Not because we want to but because allow it.
We let them disappear on their own because it is easier for us.
I have used the words “we” and “us” because I too have been guilty of this.
I hope that little girl gets better but I think this will haunt her for ever.
I’m just happy it wasn’t worse.


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