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Wednesday, November 02, 2005

I Don't Feel Like Blogging Today ©

……………I don’t feel like writing…......
....I have something to write but….. I just don’t feel like it.
I could write about my day yesterday when I went to get my ticket to NZ……
Or I could give you a rant about what happened at a Halloween party that would surely get all of you twisting mad……… But I just don’t feel like sitting here today getting myself emotionally fuck up because that’s how I get when I write some of these posts.
Do you know that when I am typing out a funny post. I am laughing at my own post like I never read it before, well technically I never have.
What I do is post it way back in my archives and look at it from a reader’s point of view. It’s the same when I write a sad post or rant; I am consumed by the emotion of the moment.
Most of the things I write here are true.
Many have happened in the past but when recalling the events the emotion returns with it.
I know all of you out there understand what I am saying because I see it in your posts.
In the last 6 months I have read thousands of posts and have seen you, sad. Yes seen, because I sit here and envision you as the pain is beating on your soul which in turn makes me sad.
I have read some posts the some of you have made that I couldn’t even comment on because….
What can I say to that?
There is nothing I could say to minimize your pain. I couldn’t even imagine how you feel because we take pain in our own way and we are all different.
I sit there dumb and lost.
Then there are those of you who make me laugh so hard, I cry.
Some posts that I have read are killers.
I laugh and laugh and hours later when I am doing something unblog related I laugh again at the thought of the post.
Some of you have gotten me mad.
I am not mad at you, just your post.
We just don’t see eye to eye on this issue.
You just piss me off and I just want to yell at you.
But I expect the same back otherwise I would think you didn’t like me.
Then I read some posts where you are happy and having a great time. You make me happy too.
So as you can see I could get really emotional blogging and I don’t want to get emotional today.
I’m tired and I just don’t feel like posting so I’m not.
Asta la vista baby



I’ll see you tomorrow

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