blue moon (2)

Friday, November 04, 2005

Once Upon A time.... ©

Jo Ann my Love

I miss you dearly with every passing moment.
This last month without you, has been a lifeless existence that has torn my heart and sapped my soul of any happiness.
I am but a shell of what I was, for I left my heart with the only one I love.

I roam the streets at night and see the couples strolling down the cobblestone walkways holding hands and I think of only you and wish, we were they.
Oh, how I long to have you in my arms again and feel the weight of your head on my shoulder, your warm breath on my neck. To feel your soft lips pressed up to mine and to feel your heartbeat pound through my chest once more.

How I crave to be there now with you, lying on the grass and getting lost in your deep blue eyes.
I love the way they smile back when you look at me.
At night they are like sapphires warming up my heart as I can see the love you have for me every time I look into them.

At night as I lay in my bed staring out the window looking at the stars, I remember our last night together. We were sitting in the back seat of my car staring at the stars in the night and I remember looking at your face; you looked like an angel in the moon light and left me breathless every time.

In two months we will be together again and we will never be apart.
We will spend the rest of our lives together and raise our family.

I love you,

To be continued……….


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