blue moon (2)

Thursday, November 10, 2005

Starting To Get Ready ©

Now that I have my ticket, I have to figure out what I am taking with me and what to bring for some of the people I am going to meet there.
If Lisa’s best friend is reading this,
There are some kids I want to bring stuff for and a couple of adults.
The young kids I have figured out what I will get them but the adults are a different matter.
Now Alice, one of Lisa’s BOLD friends, told me what she wants.

So Alice what do you want me to bring you from Canada?
A man with a big cock, I like them big.
Yeah well, he may be too heavy to fit in my suitcase. There is a weight limit you know, so I might have to cut something BIG off, to keep the weight down.
Well then, that just won’t do.
Get me a G-String instead.
I want you to bring me a G-Sting.
Don’t they have that there?
How about some maple syrup or a dead squirrel?
No I want you to get me a G-String.
Bye Bye.

Now Lisa had told me about Alice.
She’s a tough bold woman who will do her best to shock you and watch you squirm.
Ok I do but only Lisa knows how to do that.
Oh gezzz, Lisa.
I have to tell her now, ACK.
Later that day I’m talking to Lisa on the headset.
Hi babe, how’s your day been.
Long and busy, this old guy drove me nuts, I just wanted to thump him.
You want to hump an old guy.
No, I said thump you twit.
Oh, Yahoo must be acting up today.
How was your day?
Not bad, I woke up brushed my teeth went to my mother’s for lunch, Alice wants me to bring her a G-String when I come, I went to Archie’s for a bit and then I ……
Hold on a second…..what do you mean Alice wants you to bring her a G-String when you come.
That’s what she said.
Ohhhh, that cow. (They got that bovine thing in NZ)
What are you going to do?
Now she doesn’t like it but she knows as much as Alice likes to shock people, I don’t like to back away from a challenge.
I will think about it and go from there.

Now that it’s time for me to get things together I have to deal with it.
I am not happy about buying personal underwear for another woman I wouldn't mind for Lisa but she asked for this and if she wants a G-String it’s a G-String she will get.
But I get to choose it.
Ha Ha Ha.

So I go on line to get some Ideas and come up with a few but I had to do a lot of looking.
LOTS of looking.
I looked until my eyes hurt.
It's hard work you know, looking for something special "cough""cough" Scratchy thoat.
So let’s see some of the ones I found and later you could tell me what you think.
This one is the butterfly.

It's obvious why they called it that way.
It looks nice.
I can't see how it's supposed to keep you butt warm or how other people are going to notice it.
When you wear fancy underwear and you want people to see it what do you do?
Do you go to the other ladies in the room and whisper.
I got a new G-String.
It's to die for.
Come to the washroom and I'll show you.
"honey we're off the the ladies room to powder our noses."
"Sure dear, have fun."
All the guys are pissed because the girls are always in the washroon snorting cocaine.
They must be they're so happy when they come out.
How happy could looking at underwear make you.

These actually looked cute in a redish kind of way.

They cover ........ something I guess.
You know I don't even know how big Alice is. I asked Lisa and I got the "I don't look at her butt". Not that it really matters anyway because they all say one size fits all.
What that really means, on some woman you see the G-String and on others........well why even wear it?
Why don't they use real women to model these clothes anyway?

Ok the next one is well, I just threw it in for the girls to look at, it's only fair right ladies.
I did try one of these on once and I mean once. Let's face it I live in Canada and in the winter the last thing I want hanging in the wind, is my butt.
No one saw me so no one went blind.
Wait thats not entirly true.
My cat saw me and she is not the same any more.

Poor Emme.
So let's get back to the task at hand and find something I can be comfortable giving to a strange woman.
Hey these look cool, in a vengeful kind of way.

What 16 year old is modeling these and that's if she is 16. One size fits all my butt and her's isn't covered either.
Come to Canada and run to the store in February wearing those and we'll see how fast long johns replace G-Strings.
Hmmmmm these are on the top of my list BTW

Here is the last entry.
I think that as a woman who goes out to formal dinners, on business trips and such that these should make her look snappy. If she should go out in her underwear heads would turn.
So here is the Tuxedo.

It's got class and could be worn to weddings, funerals (could be the cause of a funeral, mine.) and Bar Mitzvahs.

Decision, decision but you know what?
I decided and I have it already.
So tell me which one you would choose?
I will tell you what I bought tomorrow.
Lisa is excluded of course because I tell her everything and she knows.
Ah and before I go, I have to say one more thing.
(Warning nudity ahead Fizzy).
Not all people should wear G-Strings.


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