blue moon (2)

Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Here They Come ©

On you mark.

Get Set


And they're off.

The postcards hit the mailbox at 10 am this morning.
For some sick perverted reason I woke up at 9 am and struggled to put on my pants to get to the post office before the 10 am pickup.
Being a typical man I woke up with a hard on and getting into a pair of jeans in that condition is not so easy.
Then I tripped over the stealth Frick who chose to blast through my legs to get to his bowl before Emme did. Not that I know why he bothers trying to beat her because for one she is fat and slow and two I tripped over her on the way into the washroom.
Obviously she thinks with her head as opposed to Frick who thinks with his stomach.
She knows I go first to the washroom and then she gets a free ride downstairs to her bowl before I even get the cat food.
After the cats are fed I hit the door.
That’s where I stopped and shook my head.
We have fucked up weather up here in the so called Great White North.
This is what it looked like right outside my door yesterday.

Now this is what it looked like outside my door this morning.

And it was T-shirt weather.
Well for a Canadian at least.
This made walking to the post office pleasant.
People were happy and there was a definite swing in the walk.
They smiled at you and say Good Morning.
I returned the greeting.
The guys at the auto body shop came out to talk to me and tell me that their computers are still running great since I fixed them; which kinda sucks, because I’m not making money if they don't break them. LOL
The hooker said hi but then she said 10 bucks for a blow job so I guess that doesn’t really count.
I guess it’s an xmas special or something.
I went into the post office and had them dig up the Christmas stamps they had and I bought 22 stamps.
Some were for local delivery, some for within Canada, some for the States, and some for international delivery.
Now before I go on, I have a warning for you.
They are hard to get off your tongue.

So this is how it all stacks up.



Ocean Bug




Now I may have missed someone on this post but if you emailed me you got a card because I wrote them as they came in. But being the moron that I am I forgot to write the names down and I get 100 emails a day and there is over 500 sitting in the box so I wasn't going to go through them all so this is from the top of my head.
If you don't see your name here just tell me and I will add it.
You can yell at me for forgetting if you like and I promise to be humbly humiliated.
There were more personal xmas cards to friends that are not on this post, but I figure there are 6 countries and I sent them all off together so lets see how long they take to get to you all.
Now I must apologise for my tardyness in visiting your blogs but I and trying to get everything in order for my trip to New Zealand but I have been getting around a bit.
I have been also writing a couple of posts in advance so that I could do more things and not have to write one everyday.
I hope you all get your cards before Xmas.
Now I have to go and try and get this stamp off my tongue and I will scoot around to your blogs right after that.

Have a nice day.


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