blue moon (2)

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

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Continuing along from yesterdays post, I have a friend Archie.
He’s quite the character.
He is 10 years older than me and stubborn.
He’s loud, mean obnoxious, vulgar, a racist when he is mad and an all around pain in the ass but I love him just the way he is.
He also has a heart of gold as you will see as this post goes on.
He is a big man, bigger than me and many would say I was a big man.
He used to be a collector for the bikers when he was younger well for one day that is.
There was a time when he was sent to get money owed from a guy
For drugs he had fronted.
Upon getting to this guy’s house, he went in and threatened the guy.
The guy begged and swore he didn’t have any money and not to hurt him.
The guy’s wife showed up with their kids and a pizza.
The guy started crying in front of his kids and begged for his life.
Archie exploded at the guy yelling and screaming at him in front of his family and pointed out that he owed a lot of money for cocaine and that it wasn’t going to be tolerated.
He then gave the guy $100 and left.
He went to beat the guy up but instead gave him money.
Upon getting back to the car he told the guy he was collecting for that he didn’t have any money.
After a brief moment, his employer got out of the car with another guy and went into the house.
30 minutes later they came out with $1000 and the pizza.
That was his first and last time he was a collector.
What bothered Archie the most I think was the fact that the 2 guys that went in later got his $100 too.

He is as he told me in his words.
I am an anthopose too potiryio.
Which translates to, “he is a person of the glass”, meaning he likes to be merry.
There is always people there drinking and smoking pot, but Sundays well Sundays is football.

The phone rings at my place on Saturday.
Fine Archie and you?
You know me I’m always good, except for my knee it hurts from the time I used to be a soccer star and working at the carpets for so many years.
My back is a little sore too. Yesterday though I was sure that I was coming down with a cold but I had some Retsina and I feel better now.
So kiddo what do you say
Now I know what he is pushing for but I have to play the game, it’s the way it’s done. What’s a Greek tragedy without some form of anxiety?
What do you mean, ‘WHAT’?
It’s Saturday, you said only to call you on Saturday to ask if you’re going to come watch the football with me.
Oh, hmm I don’t know what my mother is doing.
What do you mean what you mother is doing. This is Archie, and football. I even bought you a case of coke, you Malaka. (Wanker in Greek)
Oh you bought me coke, well that’s different; you should have said that in the first place.
Ok I will see you at 12:30.
Hold on here I wake up at noon. Make it 1:05
WHAT, the game will be over by then.
The game starts at 1pm how can it be over.
Ok see you at 1pm.
I tease him like this every Sunday during football season.
Every Sunday he puts up a spread for the 2 of us that would feed and army and he drinks wine like it was his last day on earth.
Two years ago I got him hooked on football pools. It’s only 5 bucks but the payout is good and the odds are better.
Every Monday I pick up the sheets for us and every Friday I go over and we fill them out together and I go had them in.
Last Friday I looked at his sheets and I asked him why he picked the Jets over the Chargers and he said he had a feeling.
I told him he should get some preparation H because the feeling he had was going to fuck hi, up the butt.
He laughed and told me to fuckoff and he didn’t change it.
I took the sheets in and Sunday we met to watch the games.
There are 13 games on Sunday and Archie caught 12 of them.
Guess which one he lost?
The Jets were on the 10 yard line.
Archie was on his knees in front of the TV, begging God for one more favor, AGAIN ( Its a weekly thing)
Well The Jets with 4 shots at the goal and with hardly any time left, fucked it up.
Archie was swearing like a lunatic.
How could you forsake me god he hollered.
Maybe he’s a Hockey fan.
He stood up and was bellowing curses from the living room to the kitchen when he suddenly stopped to catch his breath and was cursing something fierce on the way back.
He has to be the loudest person on the earth and the things he was saying I have no intention of saying then on this post. Most were about some religious figure screwing a certain receiver in a certain place.
He finished with 13-1 on the week and the 3 winners split $70,000 had the Jets won it would have been all his alone.
The whole time while he was going through his wild rant I was sitting on the couch being quiet.
You know why I love you Walker moo because you’re so quiet.
I look over at him and said.
Fuck you, now go get me a beer you loud mouth freak.
Ok, as long as you re happy.

That’s how I ended my weekend.

I brought home next weeks sheets today.

Oh one more thing, in 2 weeks I am mailing off my Xmas cards and if anyone would like a card, just email me your address.


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