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Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Am I An Idiot? ©

Am I an idiot?
Let’s see.
That’s what my brother called me 3 weeks ago when I told him I was going to NZ and the ticket was $3500.

Now let’s analyze the possibility that he is right, but in order to do so we need another subject to compare me too.
Let’s see now, who could we use…..well hold on, let’s use him.
It’s only fair right.

I have finished high school and have 2 college degrees.
He finished elementary school.

I read books daily to relax and entertainment.
He brings me his mail to read.

I cook almost daily.
He eats at my mothers.

The first thing I do at the end of the month, I pay my bills.
The first thing he does at the end of the month is he listens to his GF talk about being broke because she pays all the bills and rent.

I walk everywhere I go.
He drives his van.
Then he gets pulled over by the police and gets a ticket for not having a registration sticker, $450. If you remember last month he got another ticket for the same amount for the same reason. That’s 2 tickets equaling $900 because he didn’t pick up a $75 sticker and he was to renew it in March.
So this morning he asks his GF to go to the Ministry of Transportation to find out how much he has to pay for the sticker.
DUH…..He was holding the renewal paper in his hand that morning and it said $75 for the sticker and $825 for parking tickets.
That’s $900, he can’t read so doesn’t know what a no parking sign looks like. That’s 900 not including the 2 $450 tickets that haven’t hit the system yet.
Then Einstein tells the GF to drive the van to the MOT, you know the same van without the sticker LOL.
She refuses and gets my father to drive her to the MOT. Oddly enough he owned the same amount that was on the statement he was reading, go figure.
She calls him up to tell him how much and he tells her to pay it but he hasn’t given her any money to do so.
She has to take money from HER bank and pays his ticket leaving her broke and he never pays her back.
In fact she pays:
The rent: $800 per month
Hydro: $200 per month
Food: $400 per month
Phone: $50 per month

He pays: ………… for his beer.

Now getting back to the original point of this as to who is the idiot.
The leaches of the world would say I was the idiot for not finding someone to take advantage of but I prefer to muddle my way through life owing no one and I manage just fine, why would I want to take advantage of someone I love?
As for my Brother, FUCK HIM the Idiot.

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