blue moon (2)

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

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GOOOOOOD evening allllllllll.
It’s, the middle of the night or actually it’s morning and I just got back from watching the football game at the local pub.
It’s not fun going there anymore because they have stopped giving out free beer and other prizes to the winner of QB1 because the same person seems to keep winning every week and people are just pissed off about it.
Now I ask you, how fair is that?
They now say that they will put everyone’s name who plays that night in a hat and do a draw for the prizes.
They have yet to do it in the last 2 weeks.
It’s like playing football all season and when the Super Bowl has come and gone instead of the team that wins getting the trophy they put all the team names in the hat and pull a winner.
I remember the first year we played, it was 10 years ago. They had 20 inch Sony T.V.s as prizes.
Then they had gas Bbqs one year.
A weekend at a cottage for you and 20 friends all expenses paid the year after.
Then they went down to jackets donated by the beer companies.
Then T-shirts and hats in the end
Now nothing
What’s the goal of playing something if there isn’t a trophy of sorts.
We go fishing to catch fish, that’s why we bait the hook. That’s the prize.
Athletes train for the Olympics to win but mostly for that medal no matter what the color but gold is preferable.
There has to be a goal, a prize, proof positive that you won.
So what if I won 7 out of 10 weeks it’s not my fault I have fast fingers.
And now it's MY fault there are no prizes.
Bah, fuck em.

Now, I would like to dust off my ‘New Link‘ gif fantbroomand introduce you to a commenter who just started her own blog. Many of you know her but she is using an alias for some reason.
I don't know why Mart is using and alias but it doesn't matter, she did take up blogging and about bloody time too.
So let’s all go over to say Hi and welcome her to her new addiction
Try and figure out who it is.

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Now I will go find my bed.
To lay down and rest my head.

To think of the day I'm gonna fly
And remember the days that gone by.

No matter how long the days may be.
They nights are longer when your not with me.

But soon I go into the sky
So get ready cos, I'll be by.


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