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Tuesday, October 18, 2005

What Will They Think Of Next ©

While I has cruising through the net today I stumbles across a site that has more laughs that a politician with promises.
Ok it was close.
This one had some inventions and ideas people have tried to bring to life.
Now I shouldn’t laugh because if it wasn’t for visionaries where would we be today, but some of these are crazy.
Look at this one:

The Hijacker Injector

The inventor trying to find a way to stem the increase in hijackings came up with this idea to install an injector system into every seat on the plane so that when the hijacker sat down the pilot could press a button and a needle with drugs would shoot through the seat and into the ass of the hijacker rendering him unconscious or dead.
Sounds simple enough.
But how does the pilot know what seat he is sitting in , does he keep hitting buttons until he gets the right person but also leavin half the passegers out too?
What happens if there is a glitch and all the passengers get injected at once by mistake. There would be 300 passed out or dieing passengers on the plane.
I can see the lawsuits already.

You know on those mornings where you went out on the night before to party with your friends and now you have to get up for work but you would rather stay in bed for just one more hour of sleep.
Well not to worry because there is someone out there ready and willing to help you get that extra time to sleep.
Now let’s combine this with another problem we sometimes face in the morning and that’s a crowded bus.
I hate when I get on the bus or subway and there is no room to sit down and you have to stand. Now this invention also helps with that problem too.
Now I have no name for this but I will call it
This lets you sleep and help you stand on the bus with no hands.
Now it might have some set backs when going around corners at high speed and you around flying around like a kite on a string but I’m sure if divots were cut into the floor for your feet it should solve the problem.

Looks like it's a little to tall for her too.
Now the next item is not an invention but you know what sales would be like if it was ?
Men and women would be scooping these puppys up by the crate full.
I know I would own one just to keep in touch with Lisa "cough""cough"
It would also be useful in preventing hijakings(going back to the first one) in detecting any hidden weopons.
Just think if everyone was to have one of these in their pockets there would be no need to worry about what to wear for work either.
Public nudity wouldn't be a crime and strip clubs would go out of business because everyone would be on the phone. Talking, sort of.

Well this phone is a long way off and I don't think it would be safe when driving.
You got to give it to those lunatics in their basements thought.
Edison, Bell, Franklin and the others that used their imaginations to make our live easier and not to mention a living hell at times.
So when you hear someine with a stupid idea, think again about it.
You never know, you may be buyng one.
What do they say, necessity is the mother of invention.

Have a nice Day


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