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Monday, October 17, 2005

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Here is a little tit bit that happened the other day.
I have an old friend who was with me in the wild and wooly days when life was fast and dangerous.
He had spent a better part of his life selling drugs until he got caught in a sting and spent 5 out of a 10 year sentence in jail.
That was in the early 80’s. Since then he had quit and was working as a painter making a lot of money, more than selling drugs and without the threat of being caught.
2 years ago he hooked up with a 22 year old stripper that had the hots for him.
The trouble was that she had a cocaine addiction and dragged my friend back into it and this after 15 years of being clean.
I guess at the age of 50 and having a 22 year old girl friend can make you compromise yourself.
Any how he had gone out one night and picked up and ounce of cocaine and ended up in an accident. The accident wasn’t his fault but the cops found the drugs.
He ended up in court and his past caught up to him getting him 5 years in jail.
He did a 12 month piece in jail and they put him into a half way house. He completed a drug rehab and the 22 year old was gone. So there was no threat of him screwing up.
He got his old job back and was making good money again and staying out of trouble. Buddy still had 2 years of parole to complete but he was confident that he would have no problem with it.
Today as I write this, he is in jail.
If I told you what for you wouldn’t believe it.
It isn’t for drugs or theft or even murder.
He is in jail for fucking up his parole.
How did he do this you might ask?
He is in jail for having a cell phone on his possession.
Apparently when you are on parole you can’t have a cell phone but are allowed a home phone.
His boss gave him the phone to direct him from one job site to the other and to tell him where he was needed the next day.
Now because of his job (which is legal) he is looking at doing the remainder of his time in jail for having a cell phone.
All this happened at his parole officer’s office.
He took time off to go see him and while he was there his boss called and the parole officer asked him if it was a cell phone.
When he said yes, the parole officer called the police and they came to get him.
This has to be the stupidest thing I have ever heard.
Do they expect him to go on welfare and suck money off of the system instead of working?
How dangerous is a cell phone?
I think our society is gone to the shitter when a person can’t make a living and you can’t own a cell phone.
When will the govt. wake up and decide there are worse criminals in the world that a cell phone owner.

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