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Saturday, October 15, 2005

Still Peeved But Confused Too ©

Remember that post I put out there on Friday.
If you don’t, go read it because I have a question.


I have a couple of points I would like to put out there for you to think about.
Canada is in debt;
The United States are in debt;
The United Kingdom and many if not all of the other western and European countries are in debt.
Where’s the fucken money?
It just dawned on me that we, you, I and the countries we live in are broke.
We must be if we are in debt because we are borrowing money.
Soooooooooo, who are we borrowing it from if everyone we know is broke?
Weird eh?
The national debts of all the countries would add up to mountain range on any continent but I don’t see and glimmering stacks on the horizon?
So where is the money, the Afghani, Ariary, Baht, Balboa, Birr, Bolívar, Boliviano, Cedi, Colón, Córdoba, Dalasi, Denar, Dinar, Dirham, Dobra, Dollar, Dong, Dram, Escudo, Euro, Forint, Franc, Gourde, Guaraní, Hryvnia, Kina, Kip, Koruna, Kroon, Króna, Krone, Kuna, Kwacha, Kwanza, Kyat, Lat, Lari, Lek, Lempira, Leone, Leu, Lev, Lilangeni, Lira, Litas, Loti, Manat, Nafka, Naira, Ngultrum, Ouguiya, Pa'anga, Pataca, Peso, Pound, Pula, Quetzal, Rand, Real, Renminbi, Rial, Riel, Ringgit, Riyal, Ruble, Rufiyah, Rupee, Rupiah, Shekel, Shilling, Sol, Som, Somomi, Taka, Tala, Tenge, Tolar, Tugrik, Vatu, Won, Yen, Yuan, Złoty. Who has it all and where are they hiding it.
Either someone is lieing to us or there is one of the biggest conspiracies happening unper our noses and we don’t even see it.
Many of you made some great points on Fridays post and I only wish we were running the world instead of the Poli….umm…Rich bas…..umm… ah fuck it, you know who I mean, those assholes.

Have a nice weekend


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