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Friday, October 14, 2005

Pet Peeve ©

Today I’m writing about one of my pet peeves.
Now I may sound callous to some of you but just hear me out.
I use to work at CIDA, the Canadian International Development Agency.
It’s a government organization that helps under developed countries get water to crops, and with new forms of farming so there are bigger yields per acre for people to have more food and a better life.
Now this is a good thing.
I believe in helping people.
Now here is where I get pissed.
First off I believe that before we help other people in other countries, we should be helping our own first.
I’m not talking about giving people on welfare more money.
We should be thinking about getting these people jobs and off of welfare.
Educate them in a field where there is work.
I am talking about Health care. Where people don't have to pay most of the the money they make for insurance just in case the need help.
Affordable Child Care for single parents and for parents who can’t afford it.
Better education and to teach kids what they need to learn and not something that will not be in demand when they graduate.
More awareness towards the disabled, making them an integral part of society, instead of making them feel like a burden.
Adjusting minimum wages so that people are actually above the poverty line instead of 50% below it.
There are much more points.
Instead we forgo helping our own and help people outside our borders.
There are times of catastrophe where we should jump in and help.
I remember a cheque being issued in the sum of $500,000 to pay for condoms.
Yes condoms and they were sent to India.
This was an attempt for us to teach them birth control.
They don’t believe in birth control, they believe in infanticide.
The two biggest businesses in India are abortion clinics and ultra sound clinics. They want sons rather than daughters.
The condoms ended up in the local dump, still in the crates they were shipped in.
Why are we even sending aid to a country that could afford to create nuclear weapons?
If they are that smart you’d think that they could find ways to feed them selves.
We go to Africa and give money to countries to help grow crops and deal with the famine and stop the people from dieing daily from starvation.
These governments take the money and go to another country to purchase weapons and then kill the starving people. It is a solution, but that’s not what we sent the money over for.
I saw where a woman had 17 kids with her husband in this one country and 2 of her daughters were pregnant by their father as well.
Then they want money to feed them because they are starving to death.
The problems here are not the lack of food but the lack of morals.
The lack of caring for your children.
How many of you would have more children knowing you couldn't feed the ones you had.
We lent Haiti a pile of money and not only once.
The key word is “lent”,
a: to give for temporary use on condition that the same or its equivalent is returned
b: to let out (money) for temporary use on condition of repayment with interest.
What does the Canadian government turn around and do.
They decide to forgive the loan and they are free to borrow more now.
Well hold on here.
That’s our money you are giving away.
I don’t see them saying all you people with student loans are now free of debt because your are Canadians and will soon be contributing to our coffers.
Maybe we should just say we are Haitians and get a break.
Did I mention we borrowed the money to lend them with interest that we are still paying it off?
When I see people sleeping on the side of the street or under bridges I get mad.
These are our own people we are forsaking and leaving them out in the cold.
Our society is slowly pushing the poor into extinction.
Not by raising them to a better standard but allowing them to die.
We have a third world country here in our own society that needs to be looked after.
We look at all those starving children on television and it heart wrenching to see those big sad eyes and the hungry faces. We'll be seeing them here soon enough, wait I think we can. Just go to any slum in your city.
We have to help but we have to help ourselves first because what use is helping the ones that need us if we are dieing of the same affliction.
When we are gone so will they.
Who will put food into the out stretched hand then.
When countries are building weapons of mass destruction which requires more money than it would take to feed their children, why should we feed their kids for them?
We take in thousands of people into this country to educate them for free and many don’t even go home. They stay here and get work, thus leaving their countries in just as bad a shape if not worse.
What I personally believe and these are all my opinions is that we should be looking out for ourselves first.
I don’t mean a big screen TV in every house and a Cadillac in every drive way but I think we should bring our own problems under control first and then help the people of the world.
Let’s get our poor out of the grave and working to a better life.
I also think we should only help the people that are actually trying to help them selves. Come on why have 17 kids if you can’t feed one.
Maybe someone should open a spay/neuter clinic down there.
And no more CASH!!!!!!!!!
They need tractors send tractors.
Go to war on the earth and make it feed you.
Next time you see those big brown sad eyes, feel for that child because he/she may be your neighbor.


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