blue moon (2)

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

"Sigh" ©

One word, can say so much.
One word can express so many different thoughts.
“Sigh” I am content.
“Sigh” I give up.
“Sigh” I am happy.
“Sigh” Confused
Lisa called me in the morning the other day. It’s our version of rolling over and gently waking up your partner, but with the “RING ““RING” CRASH BANG knock over the glass on water on the cat SCREECH!!!!!!! HISS!!!!! HISS!!!!!
“Hi, Darling”
“Hi Baby”
“Did I wake you?”
“Naw I was up playing with Emme” (who is now chewing my leg off for spilling the water on her)
“Say something to me”
“Like what?”
“You know”
“Oh like I wish I was there to take your big full tits in my hands and suck on you nice hard nipples”
“Yeah Yeah that’s what I want”
One hour later.
“That was great. I wish you were here for real”
“Soon dear soon”
“Sigh” I’m so happy.

Yesterday I was getting ready to go out when the phone rang.
It was my sister in law. Her eldest daughter (14 years old) was not at the school when she went to pick her up.
A week earlier she found a message on her msn where she was planning to meet someone at a mall that she met on line. She had set up a web page with pictures of herself in tight revealing clothes and lying about her age. She mentioned the school she attended and where she lived. She had also included pictures of her friends that go to the same school.
Upon finding all this out she was promptly scolded, lost her computer privileges and the web page is history.
To late if you ask me but at least no one else will see it.
See thinks she knows everything at the ripe old age of 14.
The police wee called and her father and my brother joined into the search.
She is picked up everyday from school by her mother because of what she had done.
When the sister in law was home waiting for the police she went on her msn chat and into the chat history that is saved.
She found dialog where her daughter’s life was being threatened by a guy. This only made her more anxious.
While everyone is out looking for this genius of a kid, she shows up at home. Her mother was sitting on the steps and I was standing there with her.
Her mother asked her in a LOUD crisp voice. “Where have you been?”
“That’s none of your business. I cab do what I want”
“WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You are grounded for LIFE”
“You don’t love me, you hate me” She storms into the house and slams the door.
“Sigh” confused

I was trying to get onto Blogger yesterday evening for hours. It wouldn’t let me get in to put up a post. First I thought it was my ISP.
Nope I can get to the Playboy site with no problem
Then I thought it could be my firewall because it had upgraded. It has happened before.
Nope I can get into the Playboy site.
It has to be the pop up blocker. Yeah it must be it so I go into the history and look for Blogger being blocked and no nothing there to indicate that.
It must be Blogger then.
Fuck mrhaney is gonna be pissed that I didn’t post.
Two hours later with nothing to do but play Backgammon. I get in.
But I can’t get into the playboy site.
“Sigh” I give up.


I went over to my mother’s house yesterday and my niece was there. She is a cute little thing but man can she be a handful. She stomps around and if music comes on the TV in any form be it commercial or on a program that she is watching she stands up and starts swaying her hips and dancing like a mad child. She must be double jointed at the hips for her to shake them the way she does.
After we ate and sat back to relax I sat on the couch.
She looked at me and walked over.
She climbed on the seat next to me and then moved to my lap.
She gave me a hug and passed out.
“Sigh” I am content.


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