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Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Leaving On Jet Planes ©

As many of you know I have been planning my trip to go see Lisa.
In my Travel Agency travels I have run into many different routes and prices of getting to my destination.
Now putting aside the luxury aspect let me show you a couple of options I have in getting to New Zealand.
This is one of the front runners because of the price.
I would have to get up and travel to the airport.
My first stop would be Toronto.
There would be a short 2 hour stay there and then board a plane for Anchorage Alaska.
Now you may notice that I am going away from New Zealand and the South Pole now and closer to the North Pole.
From there after a short refueling stop we would take off for Hong Kong.
Now before I enter Hong Kong, actually before I leave Canada I have to call the Chinese embassy and find out if I need an entry Visa.
I present my Visa, if one is required and I have an 8 hour stay before my next flight.
From Hong Kong I travel to Auckland NZ where I go through customs and I wait for yet another plane to take me to Wellington.
The whole trip there will see me leave and arrive 3 days later.
Now the return is another matter all together.
I have to go to Auckland 1 day before and stay in a hotel and to be at the airport at 4 am. WTF do I need a hotel for if I have to be at the airport at 4 am?
Then I go to Hong Kong and have to stay over night in a hotel there then show up for my flight at 6 pm too, you guessed it, Alaska again.
Then off to Toronto and then fly home.
This costs $3000 and the cost of hotel stays.
This is also the longest route and the cheapest.

Then there is the other option which takes me to Europe.
I would leave here and go to England, where I would have a 4 hour stay and the fly to Germany. From Germany I would go to South Africa and wait for 6 hours for my flight to Sydney.
From Sydney I would then fly to Auckland and then Wellington.
The only difference between this flight and the previous one is about $1500. The time is roughly the same.

Then there is the one that goes from here to Chicago 2 hour wait.
Then from Chicago to San Francisco and a 6 hour wait. and then a long flight to Sydney. From there I go to Auckland and then to Wellington.
This is a 31 hour flight but will cost me $2000 more unless I wait until the 29 get to my destination late.
There is always a twist. They say that the airfares are high because of the gas prices but looking at some of the choices they have makes you wonder.
The longer routes are cheaper and the shorter ones are more expensive.
I guess they burn less fuel on the longer routes.
The agent was telling me to take the most expensive way because it would be less of a stress on my body.
Was he worried for my well being or is this how they get you to spend more money?
Your guess is as good as mine.
I have already chosen a flight and it isn’t one of these but it made me wonder how they determine the prices.

Here is what I think the route of my luggage would be if it went alone.

It pays to be luggage.

Have a nice day


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