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Friday, October 21, 2005

Just a Nut ©

Tell me you inept little weenie do you see something in common in these comments. If you don't, take a look at your ISP which links you to who you are.

Mike Walker »
Found out who you are. Matt Walker, Homeland Security/Detroit. But you have to be doing this at work. I know you live at 1525 Roxborough Ave (off Tecumseh West) in Windsor. If this isn't gone in three days, i'll post your phone number and do a complete site that reveals EVERYTHING ABOIUT YOU. ..........................YOU HATE MUSLIMS TOO EH ? 10.21.05 - 10:42 pmIP: «

Mir. Coffee »
You could waste a lot of money going after this you really think that you have a case ? You can't expect everybody to agree with you, do you? I think you're 'pretty out there' , just so you know. You might not have anything else going go ahead. I hope you find another job - sad the way you lost the last one.....but lessons are learned. Cheers ~ 10.22.05 - 7:51 pmIP:


Ok, I have heard from my commenters and one of them brought something up that I didn't think of. Listen here carefully Mike Walker.

For someone who says he understands the English Language it's obvious you can't tell the difference between a noun and a verb. My name Walker is a verb dip shit and I don't live anywhere near the city let alone the street. I can't have you bothering some poor person because of your delusions. I have copied your ISP and will submit it to the RCMP if you continue along these lines. I concider you a threat to people specifically children from your remarks.


Just when I figure well I can do some light writing on the weekend and kick back and watch some football or talk to mrhaney on the headset , some dumb FUCK pops up and starts dancing on my weekend.
But what the fuck, lets party.
I got this asshole who has been commenting and threatening me on some of my back posts and just might show up and my house,
If he has the GUTS that is, what do you say weenie boy?
You say you have my address.
I will post his comments here and answer them one at a time for you to read them
As most of you know I speak my mind, something he lacks as you will see.

I can't believe how full of shit you are . I don't understand what your purpose is to sling MUD on the WALKER name in Windsor. Why don't you tell us who you really are you scumbag. I don't know you. Sign your full name. Mike 10.21.05 - 12:14 am #

Now I have no idea where he got the me slinging mud part but if he would like to stand infront of me I would be more that happy to pelt him with some.

I think your site is terrible. Your abuse of English is worthy of a fine. Your political views have your head so thoroughly inserted up your ass, it's a mystery how you guide your hands to write. International Aid is usually measured as a percent of our overall GNP, not that you'd care if you knew. I only thought, totally fucked viewpoints like yours were limited to the lefty coffee shops. I guess not. YOU ARE A COWARD and a LOWLIFE for being AN IMPOSTER that you are. I'm going to look for a few ways to find you.Mike Walker 10.21.05 - 9:36 pm #

Well my English is fine but from the look of this comment your doing a great job of murdering it.
My, My, too much masturbation has been rotting your head, I didn’t say brain because there is obviously a lack of one. I think you should go to a proctologist and see if he could locate it. BTW My opinions are mine and if you don’t like them I am sure you could find a used Playboy magazine to amuse yourself with instead of reading my posts.

wow, does a retard like you dress in a suit and work for Liberals ? I bet you do. You're homosexual too , i assume. Cause you sure aren't reading any books. You probably have a bald head and a limp dick. or you have a full head of black hair and are a mid-life loser who has to find a mail order bitch from Russia (third) - you might be an accountant whose left 5 jobs because you backstab all your colleagues. Is that you? You're white trash, by your actions, not by what you wear. You;re a disgrace, you shouldn't have a job to do this shit during the day. YOu're stealing. I hope you get FIRED !Mike Walker 10.21.05 - 9:41 pm #

Ha Ha Ha The dip shit thinks I work for the government.
Must be a jack off conservative bent on keeping people in Canada starving and poor so that he could exploit the cheap hookers he has to pay for because frankly what woman would want to come close to an asshole like you?. BTW I could be really nasty here but that would bring me to a lower level that you shit head.
As for me being a homosexual well you’ll have to bend over and say cheese to find out if your right or wrong.

Are your kids as stupid as you ? Did they fail like you did ? Is your wife a mindless gullible bitdh ? Did you spend all her money and now up to your eyeballs in debt ? You and your father must be close.Mike Walker 10.21.05 - 9:44 pm #

Actually I am very well educated and my kids have achieved far more than the sick individual that you are ever will.
Tell me how often do you attack children Mike?
Should the police be taking a close look at you?

Found out who you are. Matt Walker, Homeland Security/Detroit. But you have to be doing this at work. I know you live at 1525 Roxborough Ave (off Tecumseh West) in Windsor. If this isn't gone in three days, i'll post your phone number and do a complete site that reveals EVERYTHING ABOIUT YOU. ..........................YOU HATE MUSLIMS TOO EH ?Mike Walker 10.21.05 - 9:47 pm #

This is precious. LOL
Well you go ahead and post anything you like.
Matt Walker, Has a ring to it. I just may use it thanks.
Call me Matt, Matt Walker. Relative to Weenie Boy up up and away.
You dumb fuck, I have no idea what you are smoking but if it is catnip STOP.
You are only enhancing you stupidity.
If you think I will stop blogging because of the likes of you, you can kiss my ass.
I have tangled with better people here and a couple of web sites. So a wiener like you is only worth a post for me and thanks for the knocking up my stats counter.
Oh and as I said to you in my comments. No one tells me what to do so FUCK OFF.
I love free speech.

Well how was that people?
This clown thinks he knows me and is now out there getting ready to go to someone else’s home because this other guy is probably screwing his wife or something like that and he thinks it’s me.
I hope his wife left him because what poor soul would want to spend any time with this garbage of a person, a person who attacks kids that he doesn’t even know.

Hey look mrhaney I posted on the weekend.

Have a nice weekend


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