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Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Where Is The Logic ©

It has never ceased to amaze me how people think and act.
For instance, this morning there was a war in front of my house. In fact it was under my window and I got to bed at 6 am.
It was my brother and his GF. They were fighting over a ticket that was sent in the mail for $430.
Now you are all asking yourselves what kind of ticket do you get in the mail that’s $430?
It’s the stupid kind of ticket.
It’s the ticket that you get when you drive a vehicle without renewing the plates.
It’s the stupid ticket.
Now the ticket was issued while she was using the van so my brother blames her. But the van is in his name and he should have renewed the plates. It would have cost him $75 to do that but now he has to pay that ticket and knowing my brother he will let it slide until it gets to $1000 because he is a dumb fuck.
Let’s put the ticket aside for now and look at something else related to the plates.
He gives this van to his girl friend to drive his daughter around. If there was ever something to happen like and accident the insurance company wouldn’t do anything because since there is no plates then you shouldn’t have been driving it. You would think that the safety of your family would be more important the $75 fucken dollars.
This isn’t the first time either he has gone 18 months without renewing his plates.
He will spend hundreds on gadgets in fact he bought a $600 DVD player for the van but wouldn’t spend the $75.
If anyone out there can explain the way he thinks feel free to tell me because I am as my blog title says, Lost Here and Beyond.
Now let’s not beat the fuck out of my brother without company. The dumb bitch of a sister in law knows the plates are expired but she still drives it.
Now you are thinking, well the poor woman needs to go shopping and do groceries. She has to take the kids to the doctor and to school and lots of other things like going to the local Harley dealership and buy a new Harley for $30,000. The fact of the matter is that she has her own car. The problem is that her plates have expired and she doesn’t feel like renewing them because she can drive my brothers van.
Sound familiar yet.
So at 8 am in the morning with cob webs in my head and a hard on in my shorts, I’m standing outside with the rest on the neighbors watching these 2 fighting about nothing less than their own stupidity.
It’s all about GREED.
He has to have the newest gadgets and she buys the most expensive things she could find. Quality aside if it’s more expensive that’s all.
These people are so wasteful and greedy with their money that they are failing as humans. If I was an alien and was stopping by Earth for a Moccaccino and saw these two acting as they were I would nuke the planet and save the Universe.
Is this post over?
Fuck no.
My parents were throwing in their 2 cents later when everyone was gone.
They were saying that the sister in law was complaining that my brother doesn’t give any money.
My mother is telling me that she sees my brother give her money all the time for diapers and milk.
I tell her there is more to life than that. There is food, and hydro and rent and and and many more things to pay for.
She pays the rent and the hydro and the food that’s about 1500 bucks a month. She pays her car insurance too. So she must dish out 17 hundred a month I figure and I point this out to my mother.
He pays milk and diapers and makes more money than she does.
My mother says she doesn’t cook for him.
I tell her because my mother feeds him and when she cooks she only throws it out because he is fed here.
My mother feeds him washes his clothes in fact his clothes are at my parents place and he has been sleeping at the girlfriend for 11 years and he even has his own bedroom at my parents place.
I told my parents that they should add up the monthly bills and expenses and split them. What’s left over they can do what ever they want with it.
My sister in law told my parents that I used to give money to my ex for bills. See I knew I was going to get in there some where.
I told all of this to my parents and you know what they said.
Well look what happened to you.
You didn’t fair so well now did you?
They don’t like hearing the truth I guess so they shifted everything to me.
Fuck em all, that’s all I have to say.

Have a nice day.


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