blue moon (2)

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

After The Party ©

What was happening at the engagement party on Saturday night was not the only drama unfolding that involved me. As I was having a drink of scotch I received a phone call from my friend and the guy I was working for.
The phone rang and I answered it.
So what is going on, did you fuck her?
She said you and her were having a great time smoking a joint on Thursday night.
Hello, who’s this?
It’s me GTP, so did you fuck her?
I haven't screwed anyone in almost a year but my hand.
G said you had a good time on Thursday.
Yeah so we did. I had a good time with you last weekend did I fuck you?
Ha ha ha NO!!!!
Listen I am at an engagement party, I’ll talk to you later.
OK, hey M wants you to work for him on Monday, is that ok.
Yeah sure.
This is great I am not being accused of screwing women that I talk to. What’s next, every time I look at one a have to marry her?
I went back to partying and talking to my host when about 30 minutes later the phone rang again.
She says she wants to fuck you.
If you fuck her I don’t want her.
Hello, speak up I can barely hear you.
She said she wants to fuck you.
GTP is that you, what are you nuts or what.
Are you coming by the bar after the party?
I just might have to just to kill you.
OK I’ll be waiting.
Damn people are so stupid.
I seem to be the topic of discussion even when I am not around.
I partied a little more and we left.
I dropped myself off at the bar and let my father take the car from there home, which is 5 blocks away.
I walked towards the bar and people who knew me stopped and commented on how I was dressed.
I was duded up and they had never seen me like this before.
I even wore a tie.
Usually I am in jeans and black leather.
I walked in and said my hellos and walked out to the patio. It was 10 pm and they were sitting in the back corner and were also surprised to see me all dressed up.
You look good said G.
Thanks, so what is the fucken problem with you two anyway that you interrupt me while I was having a good time.
He accused me of sleeping with you Walker.
Yeah I know.
I told him I didn’t but I want to just to see what it would be like.
If you fuck Walker I want nothing to do with you.
I have not promised you anything so I can fuck Walker if I want.
Then it will be over for us.
Fine that is you choice.
If you want to be with me I am the only one you should want to fuck.
HA!!!!! I owe you nothing and besides Walker has already seen my tits.
Big fucken deal, Walker has seen everyone’s tits.
Hey FEE have you shown Walker your tits yet?
Umm yes I have, New Years eve.
See everyone shows him.
Guys, you do realize that I am sitting here?
First off have no intention of sleeping with either of you, just in case that pops up somewhere in this conversation too.
For two people who have been trying to get together for over a year you sound like enemies. You must be in love.
Why don’t you want to fuck me I give the best head I am told.
See, see how she is. She still wants to fuck around and I haven’t even seen her tits yet.
I slept with 2 guys last week and I have no intention of giving that up unless I know you want me for more than just a screw.
You what?!!!

I listened to this conversation like and innocent bystander at a drive by shooting. I stopped the server and ordered myself a beer. They kept it up for about an hour and I suggested we went inside because it was getting a little cold and I was hoping they would tone it down a bit, but they didn’t and everyone got an earful.
Here is a little about these two.
They met at the bar 2 years ago and through me. Him as my friend and she was a QB1 competitor who had a cocaine problem.
Then her and her then boy friend got into the group sex thing and he left her for the younger woman, leaving her alone and with a coke habit.
She went into a sex destruction mode and considers herself porn star material and fucked everyone male and female she could find.
Not likely that’s all I got to say to that porn star line.
She has been after me to bed her for awhile now. I have told her I have a girl friend but she says she doesn’t want me she just wants to know what it would be like to fuck me.
I should just give her Sara’s msn so Sara could tell her.
I would shove her aside by saying no and he would go there to her and console her.
They got friendly and had a couple of necking sessions and talked about getting together.
It took all this time for them to go out on a date and I was the main topic.
SICK PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!
For the record they have never been together sexually and that’s what their final goal was supposed to be.

Ok I have had enough of this. GTP you said you would take me home so I want to go now.
I will take you.
Still trying to get him alone to fuck him are you.
No I just want to smoke a joint of the stuff he has, it’s the best I have ever had.
Sure I bet it is and what else do you want tro smoke?
I will do what I want to and if he says yes I WILL FUCK him, there.
Just drive me home and GTP you can come too.
I don’t want to interfere with her plans.
There are no plans just come by.
I will think about it.
Ok I will leave the door open just come over.
We got up and I paid m bill and left. We got to my place and I gave her something to roll and I went to put on some shorts and a t-shirt.
I came downstairs and we smoked the joint on the couch and we sat in our respective corners talking.
All of a sudden GTP jumps into the house and yells
Yeah boo to you too.
Well you two look comfortable.
Yes we are.
They started into each other again for about 30 minutes and then she ignored him. To get her attention he tossed his hat at her and the visor hit her hard on the head and you could here the loud thump.
You hit me.
I didn’t mean it that way I just wanted your attention.
You hit me.
He went to his knees and started hugging and kissing her.
Then they did the lovey dovey thing and I had enough of the both of them and threw them out. I walked to my computer and signed out and went upstairs to lay down in bed and use my laptop and as I was getting into bed I looked outside and they were still out there necking.
I think these two are crazy.
I will come back to them after they shoot each other.
That is how my Saturday ended after the party.

Have a nice day


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