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Thursday, September 22, 2005

Show Me Some Skin ©

Well for today I was thinking of writing something inspiring but frankly I don’t feel like it. Ok that wasn’t true but it looked good when I wrote it.
No today I figured since I showed you my back yesterday I should show you some of the front.
YES I am getting into the show me some sexy skin for comments today.
Problem is the only sexy skin I got is in New Zealand but no matter I’ll figure something out.
I’m resourceful, I’m daring, I’m nuts right.
Ok anyone have any ideas?
Come on someone out there must be perverted enough to come up with something…….
Nothing huh?
Ok now you're all in trouble because I have to figure this all out by myself and you know what I may come up with
Well I could go and………no no no that's scary even for me.
Now all the girls have been flashing some skin and have been getting comments; a little cleavage here a big toe there, soon a whole bunch of guys come in freaking out drooling and commenting.
Ok now that scares me even more than what I was thinking earlier.
Well I could model some lingerie.
Yeah they have the stuff for men.
Here hold on I’ll be right back……….
Getting there……………damn slow today….
Ah ok here we go.
Now Just sit back and think of Walker in something like this.
What do you gals/guys think?
It's red and black. My two favorite colors. It's got that saloon boy look to it. Now I may have a problem with the panties though, they have to come in a larger size or I'll be showing a little to much skin.
Well, yes , no. Ok lets go look at something else before I decide.
Dumb de Dumb .............www..........
waiting waiting , I got to get a faster puter......
Ah here we are, now look at this one.
This is leather and come on you can't go wrong with black leather. But again I may have some concerns with the bottom half and how the fuck are you supposed to go for a piss.
By the time I untie myself from that I won't need to piss i'll need a towel. It does have that macho look to it though doesn't it. I bet the Village People are fighting over it at the local Walmart as we speak. Any way lets go look for something else. The times have changed and sex rocks the blog world. Maybe I am going all about this the wrong way.

Maybe I should just to an underwear shot and just leave it at that. Lets go see what I could find.
I can't believe I am going through all of this just for some fucken comments.
Dumb de dumb de dumb de oh.
Hey what about this little number?
Now I know this will turn some heads. Its got a nice tight fit and should keep all the equipment in place. Looks kinda comfortable too. I wonder it it comes in any other colors though. Hey I could get a matching pair for Sara as well, I bet she'd love it.
Maybe it comes with matching tops, this could be something we could share. WoW I never thought about that part, this is GREAT!!!!
Hey look at this one . Now these underwear look really fancy,all white lace. They should only be worn to bed and then taken off quickly. Like I would have a choice with Sara. She'd whip them off of me so quick and tell me she'd kill me if I wore them again and would toss them away in her drawer.

Well I guess that's it.
All of this stuff is out because when you get right down to it, it's not really me. So you lot will have to settle for a hairy chest shot.
Maybe Mrhaney can do Fruit Of The Loom underwear pictures tomorrow.
What about it mrhaney?
Ok bring on the comments !!!!!!!!!!

Have a nice one.


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