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Wednesday, September 21, 2005

A Little Bit Of Ink ©

Today’s post I bring you a little closer to how I think and some of what I believe in.
I think for you to understand me a little more I have to take my clothes off.
Now relax you are not going to see what Sara get to see but you will see how I expressed some of my personal beliefs.
For as long as I could remember I have loved animals which made hunting a total disaster for me. I have killed 2 birds on purpose in the name of food and 2 by accident.
As far as my father is concerned I am a failure as a hunter but I really don’t give a fuck.
I have always respected how animals fight for their young and mates so animals made the perfect subject for my tattoos.
I have always wanted to get tattoos and I held off for many years because of how I felt at times.
When you are young we tend to be aggressive and I would have been covered with demons and who knows what the devil I could conjure up.
I have a strong sense of family and I wanted to get something that represented that and I also believe in freedom and I wanted something for that as well. Roll up mother nature in the mix and you get my tattoos.
I chose Eagles because they look so free and graceful when they fly and they mate for life which appeals to me. I also know how they protect their young so this was the perfect example for me.

Now this depicts a rogue Eagle attacking a nest and the mother trying to fight him off. For me this is the intruders that try to destroy your family and what a mother has to do to save her children.
If you look carfully below the nest you will see a snake sneaking in to kill the Eaglets. This depicts the unknown that could befall upon your children when you are not looking.
As I was growing up my parents didn't spend to much time with us and we were left to fend for our selves. My brother was watched by the landlords wife but I had a key on a string around my neck and I was only to go home if it was an emergency.
My parents worked all day for 12 hours and we only saw them when they got home about 8 pm.
Back then there were not the problems that we have today with child molesters and besides there were always parents outside watching everything that happened.

This is the male Eagle coming to the rescue of the female and his family.
Now on the left is Mother Nature looking at the battle that is going on.

I see life as a battle for survival and saving our kids from the unknown and the other dangers that lurk in the darkness.
I have lived most of my life in the darkness and I have seen the pit falls that are there to trap our kids and I strive to keep them safe and away from the trouble they could get into.
These have always been my beliefs and always will be.
Family is important and I will fight to keep them safe. Mine and yours.
I am happy I didn't get a tattoo when I was younger and I waited until my 30's to do so.What you see in this picture are the two roses for my daughters

So here is what many people never get to see. Most of my friends and family don't even know that I have them and I have had them for 14 years. I spent 17 hours in a chair getting tattooed and it wasn't cheap and yes it does hurt a bit. These cost me over a thousand dollars.
These are for me and are not visable to just anyone because my beliefs are personal.
I didn't want to show off I just wanted something for me alone and thats why they are on my back where no one could see them.

Have a nice day.


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