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Tuesday, September 20, 2005

QB1, Wings and A Ding Bat ©

Good morning everyone. This is not the post I had for here today but it will have to do. I did write it and I had some pictures of me on it with no clothes on but Blogger refused to publish it properly for some reason (Maybe I broke Blogger oops). I went at it until 3 am and I just couldn’t stay up any more and just gave in. So you’re going to have to wait until tonight I am loading new software to see if I could make the pictures Blogger safe. So I will post last night and let you get brain fucked like I did with this one woman who has a strange way of thinking.

Yesterday being Monday meant it was Monday night football.
It’s the only sport I watch besides women’s figure skating. Ok I got a woman on skate’s fetish; I plan on teaching Sara how to skate when she gets here.
I don’t know if she could learn to do a Flip jump. A toe pick-assisted jump launched from the back inside edge of one foot and landed on the back outside edge of the opposite foot, or a Triple Salchow. An edge jump launched off the back inside edge of one foot and landed on the back outside edge of the opposite foot but wecould have fun crawling on the ice together.
I play QB1 every year and I am very good at it in fact I have been regional champion for years and have been trying to win the national championship just as long.
At one stage last night I was winning the nation but I kept getting interrupted by G and ended up 52nd in the country. I did how ever win the bar which got my bill paid and a couple of shitty prizes non of which was a ticket to NZ.
G is that woman that wants to have a relationship with a friend of mine GTP. I posted about them last week.
G sent me an MSN message before I left to ask me if I was going to go play QB1 I said yes even though I should have been in bed or at least home warm but I have to defend my title and first place prize is a trip to Honolulu for the Pro Bowl which I could sell and go you know where.
When I got there she had me a playmaker and was sitting where I would normally never sit and this caused me all sorts of grief all night with people standing in front of me and keeping me from seeing the TV and not being able to make calls on my game.
To really make my night a nightmare she started talking about her and GTP and the fact that he has to do all the work if he wants to be with her. Then she tells me about the 3 guys that fucked her on the weekend.
How can someone want to get into a relationship with another person and fuck 3 other men on the weekend?
I had to listen to the details of her weekend while trying to fight off an army of players trying to beat me. In between plays I am saying I don’t want to know and she is continuing to tell me. I know for a fact that GTP hasn’t been with a woman for 10 years and she is a walking, fucking machine.
Now what she does is her business but these two have put me in the middle of this so that they can get closer and start up a relationship. When she is fucking other men on a regular basis she does not have her head in what she wants but she has her head between someone else’s legs sucking his cock and then meets GTP and kisses him and says hello. Yuck.
Even though G and GTP have know each other for 2 years and have spent all that time necking and pawing each other she has never let him sleep with her but she has been screwing countless men and women in the process.
When I met Sara we were BG partners and friends. When I came to realize that I was in love with her I got rid of all the women that I had who would come by for a screw. I told Sara that I was just sick and tired of fucking other people wives and GFs being treated like a fuck. That was a lie. The truth was that I was in love with her but I wasn’t going to tell her because she had someone and was going to go see him and spent time getting to know his kids.
I was rooting for her. To be honest I wanted her to be happy and if he made her happy then that was good for me. It didn’t turn out that way(I'm not complaining) and well the rest is history, which you all can read through our archives to find out. But my point here is I got rid of all the distractions because I wanted to focus on the one I wanted.
G wants my help with GTP.
Last night I decided to do just that. I will help and make sure that she does not get GTP. He deserves more than her.
Personally I wouldn’t trust her. At one stage she said I am going to NA (narcotics anonymous) then in the next breath she asked if I knew anyone that sold cocaine. The woman is nuts, but what’s new they seem to find me lately don’t they.

Ok now I’m off to figure out this picture Blogger problem of mine.


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