blue moon (2)

Monday, September 19, 2005

I'm Still Here ©

HEY LOOK!!!!!!!!!!
I’m still alive.
It’s been a bad week for me for many reasons; A virtual roller coaster of feelings and emotions.
I have been angry, lonely, sick, horny, frustrated, humiliated by someone, angry (I know it’s the second time I said it I was angry a lot).
I even got on Sara’s case at one point for something stupid. I won’t say what, I will leave it up to her to call me a bastard on her blog instead of me calling myself a bastard here.
I guess I was suffering from PMS. (Pointless Male Stupidity)
I never said I was perfect and I am a man who hasn’t seen his woman in a long time, since she left him.
In fact I am not even going to defend myself on this.
That said this isn’t today’s post, this is just to tell you I am alive and kicking and I will have a post at midnight as I usually do.
I have been laid up in bed for the last 3 days sweating my butt off. I have been able to read many of your posts, well kinda within some of the delirium I was going through at times I swear I saw purple creatures floating around.
I couldn’t comment because it was to dark in the room but I will be around tonight to post and to fill in the comments to the posts I have read.

Have a nice day.


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