blue moon (2)

Saturday, September 10, 2005

OPA!!!!!!!! Italian Greek Style ©

..............;............IT"S PARTY TIME AGAIN !!!!
The engagement is today. It should prove to be entertaining to say the least.
A Greek Italian gathering, that is worth just going to see.
There will be a mixture of music so it should sound Hispanic, and food lots and lots of food.
The other day when I got my invite my heart stopped when I read it.
It said:
..................................YOU ARE INVITED
....................To the Engagement of Rosa and Walker

Heart stop
Blink Blink
Who’s Rosa?
Does Sara Know?
Why am I getting engadged to her?
Have I tested the bed with her?
Does she have big tits?
Is there a shotgun involved?
So many question.
So little time.

The truth is that my cousin has the same name as I do, which is unique in itself in this city. We are the only two with the same name. So when I get arrested for something and I don’t remember doing it, it’s usually him.
He is a bouncer too.
Breaking heads is in the family I guess but he is a nice guy.
Just the same it did stop me andI did take a hard look at it.
I will be briefing you all later on the festivities.
It sounds like I party a lot doesn’t it?
My mother called me over yesterday to ask me something. I get there and ask what she wants and she goes wrap my gifts for me.
I’m the official gift wrapper.
I agree and sit down to the job at hand.
My mother is sitting t here with my niece watching me tear, cut, rip, swear, tape, hog tie and wrap the first one.
My mother said she would wrap them but I did a better job because I went to school and she didn’t.
She thinks they teach us gift wrapping in school.
Yeah maw, I took it during Marta Stewart week.
Now I’m rapping these gifts and there were quite a few of them.
I asked her how much stuff did she buy.
She said she only bought 3 dozen crystal glasses. There were 4 in a box and there were 9 boxes.
3 dozen = 36.
There were12 boxes times 4 = 48 (This is why I really went to school for. Counting glasses)
I told her there were 9 boxes and she said yes because my sister in law dropped hers off to be wrapped too.
Great, I should call everyone up and tell them to drop all their gifts to be wrapped.
I wrapped the gifts and went home to relax and read my blog roll.
Sara has gone for the weekend to see her family and I’m off to see mine.
One thing for sure I do know.
There is gonna be lots of great food.
It’s being held outside and there will be 133 people.
So let me say,
To be continued and I will bring you up to date when I get back.
I decided to give the gift I bought and they get no receipt. They fucked up and they can keep what I bought and the same goes for my mother.

Have a nice weekend


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