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Sunday, September 11, 2005

The Engagment party ©

I feel like a beached whale today after eating so much food last night.
It was a party to remember.
The father of the future bride went all out to make us feel at home and comfortable in his house, which by the way is HUGE.
Where should I start telling you?
The house seems the right place to start since it was the first ting I saw.
When we walked through the door the first thing I noticed was the 20 foot ceiling and the large chandelier the look like it belonged in a church.
There was a spiral stairway that went from the basement to the second floor.
The front foyer has an open concept making it big and open. Without having a ceiling and just the stairs past the front door, you can see all the second floor and the bedroom doors from the front.
As you walk in, to the left was the living room which was about 30 by 40 feet, it was sparsely furnished giving it a roomy feel. The dining room which was just as big had tables in it covered with desserts.
I’ll tell you about that later.
We walked through the kitchen and it was not as big in comparison to the other rooms but had every modern device in it. Off the kitchen was the family room with big TV and leather furniture.
We went out the back door from here and to the yard where the party was happening. There were 2o table and lots of people. We walked around saying hi to the people we knew and introducing ourselves to the ones we didn’t know.
There were over 130 people there.
We were seated with the grooms family at the head table next to the bride’s family’s table.
It also turned out to be the smoking section.
The moment we sat down someone was there taking our drink order. Beers started coming there was 4 bottles of wine at the table for 8 people.
Then the food started coming out, lots and lots of food.
The appetizers came out first.
There were 8 different types of bread including real pizza. Not like the stuff you buy at the pizza joint. Platters of:
Antipasto, Spanakopites, Tiropites, shrimp and smoked salmon with capers where brought out.


We ate and ate and ate and more just kept coming.
My mother at one point threw up her hands and said NO MORE!
Our drinks were never empty, there were servers taking and refilling without even asking if you wanted another.
When the food was all gone we sat back and relaxed.
I was having a smoke and talked with some of the people I hadn’t seen for awhile. And then went to meet some new people. After about 30 minutes I ended back at my table next to my mother when servers started coming out. She asked me what they were bringing.
I told her it was probably the main course.
I thought she was going to faint. She thought the appetizers were the main course. LOL
The servers started hitting the tables with roast beef, lasagna and cannelloni.
This wasn’t the choice, we all got everything.
I had 3 servings of roast beef at 10 ounces each and lasagna and cannelloni. Everyone got 2 servings of roast beef but I ate my mothers second one she had trouble eating the one let alone two.

So now you see why I feel like a beached whale. I was sitting in my chair and the thought of moving was just that a distant thought. The fact that I needed to go for a piss was irrelevant. I was going to hold it for ever as far as I was concerned.
Was that the end of this gastronomic adventure?
Hell No!!!!!!!
You know why to, because the desserts that I say when I came in were now coming out buy the fucken truck load.
There were cannolis, lobster tail (it’s a large custard filled pastry shell, ask Sara she can tell you), baklava, galaktobouriko, Italian cookies and heaps more that I don’t even know but they were great.

Now the food thing is over.
Trust me no one wanted to see any more food including our host.
We started wandering around the back and the kids were having a great time dancing and running around. After all those desserts, they will be running around for weeks I think.
At some stage the owner of the house came over to me and said “Hi Walker”.
“Hi Mr. P I said to him. This is a fabulous house you have here.”
“Thanks he said, would you like to see the whole thing”
“Sure, would help me work off some of what I ate.”
He got me a double scotch from his private stock. I told him I only liked the single malt.
We went around to all the bed rooms and he left the master bed room for last and what a room it was.
It was 60 by 40 and had the in suite bathroom with a 8x6 foot shower with jets in the wall washing your whole body at once, and ladies. There was a 6x8 foot mirror with a 2 sink vanity. There was a huge chacuzzi and a bath tub too.
He told me it took him 12 weeks to build the house. He had everyone he knew working on it and what a great job they did.
When we left the room and went outside in the front of the house for a smoke. He looked at me and said, “I know who you are Walker.”
This got me on the defensive really quick.
“I grew up in the same neighborhood as you and I know you were the one they called the Greek”
Interesting turn of events I thought. Not to many people knew about my affiliations with some people. I didn’t only stay with my crew I had connections to other groups that didn’t concern my guys.
“I was wild when I was young to he said and got into a lot of scrapes and when I was working at the 900 club I saw you in action. BTW where did you pull the gun from the night at the Caprice? They search you at the door and you were clean”
He knew quite a bit I thought.
I smiled at him and said nothing.
We talked about the old days and how having kids got us out of the wild life. He was making great money now shipping food all over the world.
We went back inside and watched them open all the gifts.
For all of you who are waiting to hear. They loved my gift and my mothers. In fact they were more than was expected so everything went well.
I had another drink and we got ready to leave.
I walked over to the lady of the house and thanked her for having us over and treating us so well.
I walked over to my host and thanked him like I had his wife but I leaned over and whispered in his ear something. He stepped back and started to laugh.
I gathered my parents and I headed of for the pub.
While I was at the party someone called me and started giving me a headack, but I will tell you about that tomorrow.

Have a nice day


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