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Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Once Upon A Crime ©

Now I am going to sit here and do a little reflecting about my life, way back when and what I see today.
Many of you know I am a student and graduate of the school of hard Knocks.
Meaning I grew up on the street. So crime is nothing new to me, but not what I have been seeing.
I sold pot and bought and sold black market goods but we never hurt people for the hell of it.
For you new readers and I hope there is one at least, my parents worked all day until stupid hours to make ends meet. This meant that I spent a lot of time on the street by myself and fending for myself.
My brother being young was baby sat by people but I was left to do as I pleased.
Where my parents come from, the problems such as the ones I had to face did not exist. But with that said I did not have to face what the youth of today have too either.
When I was a kid you could leave your door open and not have to worry about any one coming in and ripping you off or killing you for that matter.
The kids were outside all day playing and having fun without a worry. TV was a luxury that most families could not afford so we went out and created fun.
I can’t recall ever hearing about children being molested or kidnapped.
I can’t remember hearing about women being raped and murdered; but in today’s society they are a common occurrence.
As a parent of two teenage daughters which I haven’t seen in over 4 years, I worry.
In the last week a girl, technically a woman because she was 18 was snatched after she finished work at midnight and her body was found 4 days later in a remote wooded area. This is not the only disturbing event in this small city. In the last handful of years there have been a few hideous crimes that are unspeakable and unbelievable but true just the same.
These things would not have been committed when I was young.
Why they are happening now I have no idea but they are happening more often than any one would imagine.
In 89, a toddler was viciously sodomized and dumped in the garbage by his uncle. The child wasn’t even 2 years old yet.
In 90 a 18 year old was found murdered and stuffed into a garbage bag. Her killer has yet to be caught. She was 2 months pregnant at the time of her death.
A boy and 3 other were taken from their home but a gang of youths and were tortured leaving him dead and one of the girls was raped with a hot curling iron in 95.
The killers were caught and convicted but where is the comfort to the rest of us.
It seems that these crimes are happening and an alarming rate and are only escalating.
My thoughts and questions are, where do these crimes come from and how did they come about if they were never here before.
How do we stop them from happening?
How do I keep my daughters safe?
How are we supposed to keep our kids safe in a world that doesn’t care?
We are the only species that kills without reason.
Is this a cruel experiment being conducted in a Petri dish?
How can we look into the eyes of our kids and tell them they are safe when if fact we know they are not and there could be an animal hiding behind and ice cream wagon.
These are just a couple of questions from a worried father.


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