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Monday, September 26, 2005

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Well, I went to the record store the other day and brought 155 of what I call my mid range records.
The man at the store asked me to leave them with him for an hour and come back and he will take out what he needed.
I didn’t see anything wrong with that, for the most part people are honest.
What can he do steal records that he plans to pay $1 for anyway?
Upon returning I was told he had chosen what he wanted and that he owed me $47.50 for the ones that he was going to take and that meant I had 110 albums left.
He did offer to pay me 10 cents each for the remaining ones though.
I found that was very kind of him to offer but I figured at 10 cents a piece I would buy them from me myself.
So I think that if I go there 3 more times and let myself be taken advantage of 3 more times I should be able to make $200. Doesn’t sound like much in the big picture but it does cover 1/20 of my way to NZ. I have no intention to let him get his hands on me collectables for a cheap price though. I will be putting those for sale on E bay or try and find a private collector. As for the albums he doesn’t buy. I will put them for sale in the paper and sell them in a bulk all or nothing for a fixed price.

After I was done with that I came home and found out my cousin was in town and he stopped by for a visit.
The boy was just full of news.
He is the one I grew up together with and got into all the trouble with also.
As we were sitting there he casually told me he got divorced.
Huh, what, really.
Wow (To steal Sara’s remark to the news)
So much for him telling me everything before everyone else, he had been contemplating it for a year and finally done it.
His wife has a name that sends a shiver up my back. Ironically it is the same name as my EX and every woman who has had that name that I know is a bit of a nut. OK alot of a nut. (I have no intention of telling you her name BTW)
I know 7 women with that name and they have more screws loose than a bag of loose screws.
One time when they had crashed over at my place, I was lying in bed with the GF when my cousin’s wife walked past our door. I looked at the GF and asked if she saw her and she said no. I told her that I swear she was naked.
Now we both sat up in bed and waited for her to walk back from the washroom and see if I was delusional or if I was right.
We heard the toilet flush and her washing her hands and then all of a sudden she was leaning up against the door frame saying “Good Morning”
Totally naked and talking to us like there was nothing out of the ordinary. (I didn't shield my eyes if anyone is wondering)
We lay there talking to her for about 10 minutes and she took off back to bed.
I looked at the GF and she told me I was right and not seeing things.
To which I pointed out I was wrong, I was seeing every thing. Ha Ha Ha
She once came down town all excited about being lured into a car and being raped.
Now from what I understood that would be considered a traumatic experience but to her it was an adventure.
I always wondered who was raped, her or the rapist. At any rate this is the woman my best friend wanted to marry and I was happy for him. Now they are divorced and I am REALLY happy for him.
He asked me how my plans for my trip were going and I told him that I was bogged down by the increase in airfare and he said” How much do you need”?
After a little talking and him telling me I could have the whole airfare we agreed that I will borrow off him what I am short and that’s all.
I hate asking for money from anyone but he is family and we have helped each other in the past. So I am a little happy about the turn of events but I will be trying to do this on my own still and hope I don’t need to borrow any money.
We went out last night and yes mrhaney we smoked some really good shit.
We had a joint before we went out. Neither one of us drinks to much any more so a reefer and a couple of beers usually has us at the pizza shop 3 hours later and going off to bed.
We sat out on the patio and it was getting cold.
The weather was saying welcome to Canada.
It was summer weather in the afternoon and now it was freezing.
We went inside for a bit and everyone noticed I was there and they came to sit with us. We swapped stories for them to hear, I think that’s why they sit with us so they could hear about how stupid we were when we were young and then we came home.
He also brought me news of Philip. Many of you have seen him in many of my posts.
Immigration called him up the other day it seems and asked him to come down next Tuesday and to bring all his Canadian papers and 2 passport photos.
He is not a Canadian citizen and they have been trying to deport him for years but they couldn't.
He was born in Uganda and when Idi Amin took over all records were destroyed and after he was ousted there was no proof of him being born there so the Ugandan government refused to take him back.
Now if they would agree to take him back they would also have to acknoledge that the property that was taken away from his family plus the money that was siezed by the government at the time would have to be returned to his family in this case him.
So they are not to eager to take anyone back and give up what was stollen.
Now sinse Uganda was a British colony he is concidered a British subject and does carry a British passport so he may be deported there in which case all my British friends are getting a headache and I am FREE FREE FREE.
This whole passport picture thing has him shaking in his boots. Frankly he deserves what he gets. He has spent most of his time in jail and keeps getting into trouble. Mostly for beating his girl friends. That's what the fight I had with him the last time was about.
He told me it was the bitches fault that he hit them and I told him no it was his fault.
Then we got into a loud fuck you argument and I threw him out.
We both agreed last night if he was deported it would be good riddance. We have both tried to help him with money and anything he wanted but he has never paid us back and is never there when we needed him.
So, BuB Baeeeeeee Philip.
Well as you can see my cousin did bring heaps of news when he came and a little bit of help for me. He left this morning but we will be talking soon enough in fact he is adding me to his msn.
That is what it was like on this hot n cold weekend.


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