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Saturday, September 03, 2005

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What the fuck is going on?
I needed to go shopping today and I borrowed my father’s car. I went to put in gas and it was $1.27 a liter.
On Thursday when I filled the truck before I returned it to the rental place it was $1 a liter.
All of a sudden gas went up over a dollar a gallon.
I asked why?
I was told because the hurricane that hit the states last week.
It was a devastating catastrophe leaving hundreds dead and tens of thousands homeless. People need food and shelter and we should all help.
But what does this have to do with our gas going up so fast?
I think in times of need the government should step in and take some of the pressure off. It’s not like I believe they should send us all a check but let’s face it, when it was $1 a liter, 67 cents of it was tax. 2 thirds of the gas price is tax.
The government is ripping us off and doesn’t care.
In fact the Federal government here made over $4,000,000,000 on gas tax alone last year. That doesn’t look like chump change to me. In fact they made more that the oil companies and the refinery combined.
Now one more thing I noticed, I tend to notice a lot of things, the gas that these gas stations have in their tanks was bought at a cheaper price, and now they get to crank up the price by 30 cents.
That’s like winning the fucken lottery.
Shouldn’t they be selling the old gas at the old price and then fucking us up the ass after they refill.
I have heard some people say well I don’t give a shit I don’t have a car.
True you don’t have a car and you only go to the gas station to buy smokes but guess what?
The guy, who delivers the smokes, drives there and he will jack up the price of smokes to cover his expense.
Now that’s not all, add the produce people and all the other things you buy that require it being delivered to the store where you shop.
The price of gas does affect all of us on multiple levels even if you don’t have a car. For many of us winter will show its ugly head soon and heating oil will go up also.

Get set people even when everything is fixed back the way that it was and the refineries are repaired the price will only go up again and the only thing that will remain the same is our income. That stays the same and we get poorer while others live well this being the politicians and the oil people.
They will see that we were willing to pay the expensive price and will keep sending it up.
We have to revert back to the basics, to a time 100 years ago when gas made no difference in our lives.
It’s time we planted vegetable gardens and used bikes to travel to school and work. Walking is a cheap form of transportation and is good for your health. I have lost 60 pounds in the last year by just walking.
There has to be a way for us to fight back and live better than we do or we will all end up slaves to the oil people and the governments who tax the shit out of us.
The utility, oil, and phone companies are getting richer and taking the food from the mouths of our kids and the clothes off of our backs.
What is more important, feeding your kids or buying expensive homes and cars for executives of the big corporations that are screwing us?
Solar energy and restraint should be explored. There are forms of energy that are cleaner for the environment and safer for us to live in.
We should also hit the streets and be heard by our governments to drop the price and to explore the other forms of energy because lets face it we are done for if we don’t.
How many people will be selling their homes because they can’t afford to keep up with the soaring bills or loosing their homes because they can’t pay up anymore?
Every time we turn around we have a tax levied at us.

As a home owner we have to pay:
Mortgage payments
Repairs on the house
Property Taxes

What’s left for food, clothes, phone, cable ………

Have any of you seen the movie “Soylent Green” with Charlton Heston and Edward G, Robinson. It was set in 2022, watch it if you haven’t because that’s where we are heading fast.

Have a nice weekend


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