blue moon (2)

Thursday, September 29, 2005

Cracked UP! ©

Monday night was my QB1 night as every Monday during football season. My quest to finish first in Canada and it’s going just right, in fact I finished first in the country this last Monday.
Before I left to go out I had rudely ignored G when she sent me a MSN message. This woman is getting to me and not in the nice way. I can’t understand how she thinks, so I figured if I played possum she wouldn’t show up.
She was there with GTP sitting next to her and pawing her the whole night. The man is nuts about her and she wants him to show her that he deserves to be with her while she goes out and fucks other men.
I told GTP the other day that maybe she wasn’t for him.
Last week some of you may recall that she wanted me to get her some cocaine from some of the people who know me.
Now I have no desire to even look at the stuff let alone go get someone for her. In fact it scares me like someone pointing a gun to my head. Ok that doesn’t scare me but you get the idea.
So I said no. She told me that she was quitting and just wanted one last party.
Now, if you want to quit something, then why do you want to have one last big HOOPLA?
Why not just quit and get it over with.
I hear this from many people.
I am going to smoke this last pack of cigarettes and that’s it I quit. I have said this many times and I am still smoking.
This is my last drunk ever and I quit.
I am getting married tomorrow so this is the last person I am going to fuck before I settle down with my mate.
This last line also means me too, I got to quit smoking.
So I am outside at half time having a smoke and G comes to me under the ever so watchful glare of GTP.
She whispers to me that she got what she wanted and had her last party. She didn’t want GTP to hear because he told her he didn’t want a junkie for a girl friend.
The fact that she is fucking all of these men has eluded him I guess. Not to mention he hasn’t even been with her sexually and won’t let him until she thinks he deserves her.
Now I can quit she said to me to which I replied HA HA HA yeah right.
I asked her where she got it from and you wouldn’t believe from whom and they did it together. In fact here I will let you guess.
Whom did G get the crack from and do it with?
a) Brother
b) Ex boy friend who is now with her ex best friend
c) Her 60 year old mother
d) Her room mate who she is not sleeping with "cough".
(I will update it tomorrow for you to know who it was.)
They sat there all night and smoked $500 dollars of crack.
She is having trouble paying her bills and blows 500 on drugs.
I called her a stupid bitch at one stag which she took rather well. I guess she gets called that a lot. GTP has no idea that she went out and got stoned so I won’t tell him, let him found out on his own.
I stalled all night so that I could avoid her asking me if I wanted a ride home so she left. I sat there with GTP the rest of the night talking about anything but her.


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