blue moon (2)

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Scalped ©

It’s another hot and sticky day in Canada’s Capital.
I did a little cleaning up and I stress a LITTLE.
I fixed a bookcase I put together to temporarily store the over flow of the books that I have accumulated over the years.
I don’t know where they all come from, I just gave away a couple of thousand and I still have heaps more. I have had a couple of friends move out of the country and have given me their books to keep as opposed to throwing them out.
I had one friend who moved to England and she called me asking that she had some stuff I might want and if she can send them over.
How much I asked and she said a couple of things.
I said sure why not I had the extra space to fill.
The next day there is a knock on the door and when I open up there are 3 guys with a 10 ton truck and the fucken thing is full to the rim.
Shit, am I happy she didn’t want to given me everything she had.
There were 2 large TV’s the power is different in the UK and a freezer and 2 satellite dishes and LOTS more.
It took me days to find places for the stuff.
I gave some things to people that couldn’t afford some stuff like I gave a TV to a woman for her son and I gave the microwave to someone who couldn’t afford one on mother’s allowance.
I now have every kitchen contraption ever invented to make cooking easier, but the chef. Oh I guess that’s me.
Any way back to the original post, I got the thing fixed and I cleaned up a lot of space which I should be filling very soon.
After lunch I cleaned the bathroom and then I decided to go get a haircut. It’s to bloody hot for long hair and I had long hair. It was halfway down my back when wet.
I went to the barber and he said the usual?
I said no, just cut it all off.
Are you sure said the barber with shaky hands.
Chop it all off.
Well, to with in reason of course.
I don’t want the Kojak special.
What can I say; it looked like he was shearing a sheep.
The floor was covered at the foot of the chair but I could feel the cool air at the back of my neck for a change.
I get home and my parents just stood there staring at me.
It’s nothing said my mother.
Yeah right inside her head she was screaming.
Sara came on later and I showed her the cut and she said, well I don’t see what you’re crying about. They left to much hair and they should have thinned it out more.
They should have thinned it out more?!
Any more I would looked like a peach head.
Besides if it was shorter how would you be able to grab me by the hair and scream “Eat My Pussy” and I am not referring to her cat twinkle by the way. (Not that she really has to ask anyhow)
She would end up pulling my ears and stretching them to the point where Prince Charles ears would look normal next to mine.
Now I am back here and finishing this post and then going for a long needed shower.
Tomorrow night I have Patticake stopping by for a beer and that should be fun.
So until tomorrow good night my friends.

Bon Nuit.


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