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Tuesday, August 02, 2005

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The day started with a phone call from my nephew saying her was fine, and ended with me fixing my laptop. The in between was quiet, hot and muggy. I went through your blogs and read awhile and commented as much as I could. I spent some time talking to Sara and getting could up there.
It was a Holiday here today; Friends Day as I have now called it and has spread it to many of my friends who went out celebrating a new cause at the local pub.
I have work to do still so I never got out.
I got a large number of people coming on the 13th of August for a party and I have a blog friend popping in on Wednesday for a beer.
This year’s bbq for my friends is looking like it will be the biggest yet.
There will be many old friends and many new ones.
There will be many more I wish could be here.
I took stock the other day, of my friends.
Thousands of people know who I am in real life.
Thousands more know me in under different names.
I use 4 different Msn’s to keep track of them. I have friends from all over the world, some who have come to meet me personally and some who I never will meet, but we share a common bond on line we are friends.
There are many that I have met here who I wish could be at the Bbq.
First I wish Sara was here for obvious reasons because I miss having her close to me.
Fizzy and I could sit there having a scotch. I only get one of course, damn doctor’s orders.
Jo and I can have a couple of games of backgammon and maybe after take everyone’s coins at poker.
Mrhaney could sit here and tell me how to fix the floor in my kitchen while scoffing down that plate of food he asked me for the other day.
Brian and I could share some history facts about the American West.
I would have to guard the dessert table from Restless Angel or at least anything chocolate.
I would get some Swiss Chalet chicken for Lisa and Data Monkey can set up the fireworks (there goes the neighborhood).
Itisi can sit there and chat with Sara and down some bourbon, while listening to Kiwi Ana tell stories of her youth.
Kathryn would be howling up a storm and Roger would be taking pictures of the whole thing.
Carol, Victoria and I would slip out and relive the finer moments of a joint; aw what the hell we’d take Schotzy along for the buzz and to say she took a toke but didn't inhale.
Katya would be the DJ and we’d have to listen so everything she liked.
We’d have to force DL to take time of from her new job but she’d be here if anything to meet Fizzy.
Patticake would fight with my father for the cooking probably, dang chefs are a pain.
Karla would show up with a sleeping bag and sleep in the middle of the garden. I’d spray it with insecticide before she got here of course.
Michael and I would talk about the science fiction movies and series we have seen. Mind you after that walk with Carol and Victoria, I’d be in space already.
Elvira would sit and debate quitting smoking with me and why should we, but we would set a date to quit some day over a smoke.
I’m gonna have to get Stacy to teach me how to fish because she seems to have it down to an art form.
Chaotic would be showing us how to party all night without even trying.
Bella would dance a slow song with Nick.
Jenny could sit there and talk Greek with my parents and the Greek Princess could taste all the Greek food.
June would drive down in her new wheels.
That girl would be there dancing up a storm, I may have to kidnap THE DAVE for her, but I don’t see a problem there.
The dance floor would fill with, Eileen, Carol, GEL, Jac, Samantha, Irene, Butterfly, mrgonsings, Maria and Kirsten.
If I missed anyone well then just CRASH the bbq and you be welcome.
That would be a Bbq, but most of all I would love to see you all smile and brighten up the night.

Food for thought.


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