blue moon (2)

Thursday, August 18, 2005

Postless BullShit ©

Today is a, I don’t feel like blogging day.
So let’s see how far I can stretch the bullshit.
I woke up and went to check the mail.
I slowly opened the door and looked out.
You never know, that bat may have had family and I have a hit bat looking for me.
No nothing there except a letter for my Ex who moved over 4 years ago.
Imagine it’s from the government saying that they were going to garnish her wages for missing child support payments.
Yeah, yeah I opened it.
I open everything in my mail without looking to see who it’s for. I live here alone, well the cats to but they let me open their mail anyway.
You would think she told everyone she moved by now, but NOOOOOO I still get her mail. Not lots, but all the important stuff. Like this one from the government.
Want to laugh, she works for the post office as a letter carrier and she still can’t get her mail sorted out.
I should take care of this.
OK I’m back.
I had to get a pen so I could redirect this.
Ms DD <---- not her cup size that would be a ‘B’
XXXXX Read St.
H3T 8G4

There we go I’ll just leave that in the mailbox and the mailman will redirect it to the new address.
OH, she didn’t move to Vancouver she just move 5 kms away, I just want her to go get her mail 4000 kms from here.
Hey how am I doing?
That’s about a third of a post for me EH?
Let’s see if I could squeeze some more here.
Hey see that new greet I put up below my profile.
Cool EH?
It’s driving me NUTS!!!!!!!!!
I keep coming into my page and it tells me that I live in Hamilton.
I live in Ottawa not 600 kilometers from here.
That’s where the provider is based.
My mother called this after noon to ask me to take my brother to the grocery store to get his daughter some milk.
He doesn’t want me to drive well he might, he’s been sick but no, he wants me to tell him what milk to buy.
The sister is law has gone away for a week and left the kid with my brother. Well my mother really.
My niece has an allergy to a protein in milk and she drinks Soya Milk, and she likes it. BLAH!
My brother didn’t know what milk to buy?
Let’s say it again.
My brother didn’t know what milk to buy? (See that I ate up another line)
He doesn’t know what his daughter drinks because he never pays attention. I don’t know, I knew everything my daughters did and what they liked and disliked.
Not only does he not know what to buy but he has an empty container in his hand as it is DUH.
Don’t get me wrong here. If you want a car stereo installed in your car then this is the man you want. Or to have satellite signals for free TV, this is your man.
You want milk, Your Fucked.
Is it long enough to be a Walker post yet?
Maybe just a little more, let’s see…….
Oh yes I never told you about my fathers garden.
Specifically his tomatoes, they are his prize.
He was in the back today when I went out and he called me over. He had cut some tomatoes and gave me some big ones.
I told him that they were huge and he said “what those”?
Then he reached back and showed me a dozen or so really big ones.
The biggest was 1.2 kilos.
A tomato slice would be bigger than a slice of bread.
He spends all his time back there pampering them so they better be big.
I’ll get a picture of one to post in the next couple of days.
How is that, is it long enough?
I hope so because I’m done.
Hey LOOK there’s the Mailman emptying the box.

Have a nice day.


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