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Monday, August 15, 2005

Post Bbq ©

I woke up at 10 am yesterday morning and started the final preparations for the bbq and cleaning up the rest of the house.
By 3 pm I was ready for guests to start showing up.
The first ones showed up at 4 pm and said they could only stay until 6 or so. They left at midnight.
The rest trickled in after that.
There were 27 people there 7 less than I had invited.
They ate like 40 though and drank like 80.
I fired up the bbq and started to cook.

The pan on the top is pork souvlaki and the pan on the bottom is chicken souvlaki. I got to keep it kosher for some people. I cook the chicken first as not to put chicken after pork. It took me an hour to do the chicken and another hour to do the posk. I have to cook the chicken slower.
This is the end result.
You can either eat them wrapped in pita bread or off the stick. Either way the are great. Most people start off eating them stuffed in the pita breads but after awhile they realize the bread just takes up to much room and opt for eating them off the stick.
After they are cooked they are dipped in a oil, lemon, garlic and oregano solution and then put aside for a few minute to let the eccess oil run off.
When the souvlaki were dome I brought out the rest of the food. Here are some pictures for you to get an idea of what we had.
On the the left, those are dolmades and on the right that is pastichio. The dolmades are grape leaves stuffed with rice and the pastichio is something like lasagne but with a heavy cream on top instead of cheese.

What is a dinner without a Greek salade and a bowl of matinated olives. The bowls had to be refilled a number of times especiallt the olives. There are going to be some constapated people today.

There was also spanakopites that we had made and I also had a tomato salad and a cucumber salad . All of this made the main course.
I like having a variety of things just in case there is someone who doesn't like something, that way they could eat something else.
Everyone sat and ate and talked for hours.
After everyone had their fill of food I cleared the tables and I went and got dessert. Or desserts is more the right answer.

From the left kadaifi, loukoumathes, kourabiedes, and galaktobouriko.
The main dessert which I got from Sara is called Ambrosia and it was scoffed down over and over. I don't have a picture of it but its a kind of fruit salad with marshmalows, yogurt and whipped cream which I managed to get all over the place while whipping it up.
After eating all of this food, that is when we sat down and started to party.
Everyone was mixing up real well. I have a diverse circle of friends.
Kevin my cousins husband sat there in the back with me at one stage and said that he was impressed with the different backgrounds everyone had that they all managed to find a common ground and were having a fabulous time.
He also commented on having the bbq in my yard. It is like an oasis in the middle of the city and the yard is covered by 8 foot high tomato plants and Dahlias that are just as high.
The weather was perfect and during the night it was cool and comfortable.
Sara got to speak with someone she had met here on her visit.

Some of the stories of the night.

Do you set rules on how you live and how you want people to treat you?
Most people, who know me, know that I have rules that govern my every move. My main rule is “don’t touch me”, plain and simple.
I don’t touch people either.
Now when I meet a friend we look at each other shake hands and hug. Ok that’s a greeting and it is not scrutinized under the “don’t touch rule”.
Past that, keep your cotton pickin hands to yourself.
I touch the woman I am with and she can touch me also, another amendment to the “don’t touch rule”.
I take touching personal, in this world of sexual harassment and sexual innuendo it’s sometimes hard for you to know what a person is thinking when they touch you and where, when in a group of people.
Last night at the Bbq a friends girlfriend spent half the night making sure she knew where I was and if there was a possibility that I was going inside and would be alone, she was there seconds behind me.
She had this thing for putting her hands on me, making me go on the defensive every time she was around.
She would put her arms around my neck and stare into my eyes and talk shit to me.
Like “we are just alike and we understand each other.”
Well, we are not alike because I’m not female, but I don’t think she would mind that either. She has been trying to get me to go to her place of work on a Monday or Tuesday when it is closed so she could show me around, and it has to be during the day. I asked why during the day and she said because apparently its better when there is lots of light to see the antiques.
I think it’s because her boyfriend is at work at the time.
Let’s talk about the boy friend. He is a nice guy, but he is as fun as that rock you see laying on the lawn. He knows everything about everything. A super geek. Going out on a date for him would be dinner and rushing home to play Jeopardy to see how much he knows compared to the contestants.
He says that she is his girlfriend, she says to me that she is not but he wants her to be.
At one stage I felt a hand rubbing my back and it was hers and when I looked over she was holding his hand and had this fuck me smile on her face while she was staring at me..
I went in to get dessert.
As the night wore on and I ran around the yard and kept a step ahead of her until I sat down and she whispered to me that I should bring my friend Kim with me when I go to see her.
Firstly I never said I was going over to see her.
My friend Kim is Bi sexual and we had dated for a bit and can get personal with each other but have not and never will have sex with each other.
That’s a firm NEVER.
I told Kim about what she said to me about me bringing her with me and going over to her shop and she burst out laughing.
Anyway she decided to leave early and left her boyfriend at the bbq and took a cab home. They don’t live together. This morning I found her phone number and address written on my note pad next to the phone so I took it and filed it with the flyers I get everyday.

My shooter girl, the same one as last year, was hammered again. This year there were two of the ladies that wanted the job and I told them they had to share, which they agreed on, but last years shooter girl being keen on doing it herself got the other one drunk early thus winning the coveted shooter tray. This also ensured that she could drink as many of the green jelly shooters that she wanted because they are always the potent ones.
Her husband was here this year and she was told she had to be good and he only let her bring 2 beers for the night. That’s what she told me when we talked inside. I told her that there was nothing I could do about what her husband said but there were 6 pints in the fridge that I had no use for. To which I got a wink and a kiss.
The shooters were for after dinner while we were sitting back digesting.
There were 27 people 80 shooters and they lasted just over an hour. Jelly shooter girl went nuts on the green ones again and ended up with Jelly legs not too long after.

The kids had a ball too. They took advantage of Jelly shooter girl being extremely happy and let them tattoo her with the liquid pens they had on hand. Shooter girl must have woken up this morning wondering what the hell happened and who drew on her arms and legs.
I will say that she and the kids had a grand time doing it.
I just hope it was washable ink.

Some of the guys and the gals got into the Darwin awards and the girls pointed out that most of the dumb things were done by men and not women. I sat there listening to them argue back and forth about all of this. The guys were definitely out gunned and they couldn’t really defend them selves. Most of the Darwin awards were about men screwing up.
After about half an hour of listening to this I walked over from the bbq and told the guys that most of the screw ups were from men but usually it was a woman sending them out to try it.
There was one Darwin Award where someone was criticized that all the windows in a high rise building were unsafe. He told them the windows were safe and to prove it he threw himself at the window.
The guy and the whole window frame went hurling down toward the ground.
I guess he was wrong.

Near the end of the night when there was only three of us left. I asked my friend G why he hadn’t phoned GS.I asked him if he wasn't interested in her he said that he was.
He told me he lost her number when his cell phone broke down and lost all of his numbers. I know this was true because he asked me for my number again. The last time he saw her was in February.
He said that he was waiting for football season to start because thats when she goes to the pub to play QB1. She on the other hand got tired of waiting for him becuase she thought he wasn't interested and has been trying to get me to spend time with her and giving me a headache.
I told him that he didn’t have to worry and he would have to wait until QB1 because I had her on my MSN and came in and asked her for her number to give him.
She asked why and I told her the whole story and she gave it to me for him.
I gave it to him and listen to him tell her the story again and how I gave him shit for not calling her. They have made arraignments to meet. He told her that he was interested in her and wanted to spend time with her. I hope this all works out for both of them, and me.
I have no intention of ever telling my friend that she was interested in me though, there is no reason for it, besides she was drunk at the time.

These are some of the stories of the night, there were more but I may need a post one day so I will save the rest.
The party is on until next Sunday so I’m sure I will have more to say as the week goes on.


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