blue moon (2)

Sunday, August 14, 2005

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The Bbq went off with 7 people short but the ones that showed had a good time. I have a problem with women I think. I must be doing something wrong. My friend’s brother’s girl friend would like to get personal with me. She is way out of his league and should be looking for someone else, but he wants her.
This is the second year in a row she has chased me everywhere and has been trying to get me to her place to show me her antiques. She probably keeps them in her bra.
She says we are kindred spirits.
Frankly the only spirit I want right now is a scotch.

On the subject of women, I have connected another woman who has been trying to get into my pants with a friend of mine whom she likes and he likes also.
After explaining that I am taken, and I have no interest in her even for a fuck, I steered her in my friend’s direction and got him to call her. They are going out to dinner and that’s one less headache for me. I won’t be telling my friend about her desires and hope they hit it off.

My Jelly shooter girl managed to get drunk again this year even though her husband kept a close eye on her. I think next year I will not make any green jelly shooters.

Some of you may have noticed that I lost a chunk of my blog yesterday. Half my template disappeared and I was screwed, but for Super Kiwi Girl.
Sara was on my page and managed to copy my template from the source file and I rebuilt it. Take note everyone. Keep a copy of you latest template in word or have Sara on hand 24 hours a day.

Two of the guys that were at the bbq tonight that have known each other at the bar for the last 10 years finally realized that they went to high school together and sat next to each other for a whole year.
It took a shit load of beer to figure that out over 10 years, and they say a drunks can’t remember anything.

One of my friends forgot my door open and my cat Frick got out. He is not an out door cat and I was worried. I found him out side but he ran away. He ran all the way around to the door he got out of before he came in. I guess he figured it was only right to enter the same way he exited.

Well my friends I am tired and in need for some rest. I am going to shower and rest. I want you all to know I have not forgotten you and that I will be cruising around to your blogs for some reading tomorrow.
Again I wish you were all here sharing this day with me, especially Sara.
Good night and I will see you when the dawn returns.


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