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Tuesday, August 16, 2005

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Here is the article I read

Friday, July 15, 2005 - Page updated at 12:00 AM
Enumclaw-area animal-sex case investigated
By Jennifer Sullivan
Seattle Times staff reporter
King County sheriff's detectives are investigating the owners of an Enumclaw-area farm after a Seattle man died from injuries sustained while having sex with a horse boarded on the property.
Investigators first learned of the farm after the man died at Enumclaw Community Hospital July 2. The county Medical Examiner's Office ruled that the death was accidental and the result of having sex with a horse.
A surveillance camera picked up the license plate of the car that dropped the man off at the hospital, which led detectives to the farm and other people involved, said sheriff's Sgt. John Urquhart.
Deputies don't believe a crime occurred because bestiality is not illegal in Washington state and the horse was uninjured, said Urquhart.
But because investigators found chickens, goats and sheep on the property, they are looking into whether animal cruelty — which is a crime — was committed by having sex with these smaller, weaker animals, he said.
The farm was talked about in Internet chat rooms as a destination for people looking to have sex with livestock, he said.
"A significant number of people, we believe, have likely visited this farm," said Urquhart.
The Humane Society of the United States intends to use the case during the next state legislative session as an example of why sex with animals should be outlawed in Washington, said Bob Reder, a Humane Society regional director in Seattle.
"This and a few other cases that we have will allow us a platform to talk about sex abuse of animals," Reder said.
Thirty-three states ban sex with animals, he said. Susan Michaels, co-founder of local animal-rights organization Pasado's Safe Haven, said she has been fighting to have bestiality made illegal. "It's animal cruelty behind closed doors," Michaels said.

Today I took it easy. I slept for some time and I just was lazy. Hell I still have dirty dishes and I don’t give a shit.
I got up and started the bbq to cook for my immediate family and that’s it. I came in and read some blogs and answered my comments. I got a couple of phone calls from people thanking me for Saturday and then I just lay back to day dream. Around 6 pm I decided to go rent a movie and lay in bed watching it.
I’m at the video store and the guy behind the counter is reading an article. It’s from one of those local rags they give out for free. He tells me read this piece.
The head line is: “Man Dies Having Sex With A Horse”.
I’m thinking holy fuck, the guy must be hung and what balls to even get behind a horse and screw it.
I can see it now in my head, this guy standing on a step ladder holding the horse’s tail up and screaming giddy up Nellie.
I have problems wondering if I can make a woman happy and this stud is throwing it into a horse.
And he DIES!!!!!
He must come like a horse TOO if he died!!!!
Move over John Holmes and Ron Jerome.
The store clerk is hearing me say this shit and he has a grin on his face and tells me to keep reading.
Ok, so I keep reading about Sir Lance A Lot.
Ok, reading it again to make sure and looking for typos.
No typos
The guy is a fucken MORON.
He didn’t fuck a horse, no no no.
The horse fucked HIM!!!!!!!!
The horse fucked him and they FILMED IT!!!!!!!!!
How fucken stupid is it for a woman to do this and they are better equipped, but a MAN!!!!!!!!!
A horse has a baseball bat for a cock and this guy wanted to know what it was like.
Guess what Einstein, you know now don’t you.
I know there are people who have fetishes and there are some who are into beastiality and other kinky sex but a horse?
Talk about cross breeding.
What, he couldn’t find a date to shove a bat up his ass.
I know some gays that wouldn’t dream of what he did and to video tape it to boot.
What, he needed proof?
The way he walked would have been proof enough.
I don’t know what people are thinking when they do these things.
I know what people do is their business but come on standing there and letting a horse fuck you up the ass how exciting can that be.
It’s not exactly a cure for hemorrhoids.
When he went to the hospital, who checked him, a Proctologist or a Veterinarian?
I bet it gave the phrase “taking a closer look” a new perspective on life to the doctors.
What can I say, some people are just stupid.

The movie I rented was called Constantine, with Keanu Reeves.
It was a religious type of movie with plenty of action and no butt fucking.

Have a nice day.


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