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Wednesday, August 31, 2005

It's Your Call ©


Those of you who chose "C" know that it was my choice as well.
Yes this is him.
As you can see I have him duct tapped to the chair and he was there until the boss came and freed him. I used my cell phone to take a picture just for you Guys/Gals.
I was hoping the sun would turn him into a rasin, but the boss got back to soon.
Look at that blank look on his face.
It's there all the time.
The other day after I told him to push the cart down the ramp he decided that his way was better and was walking down backwards. This was working pretty good until I heard a metal bang followed by a thump which ended thump.
He stepped off of the truck into air. He missed the ramp coming down backwards, he fell hitting the ramp and then landing on the ground, only to have the load he was removing land on him.


OK, I’ve had enough of this kid.

It’s vote time.

Here are the choices.

A) I drop a 10 foot 300 pound metal shelf on him when he is not looking, crushing the life out of him and allowing me the pleasure of watching. Kinda mean and ruthless but just consider what he has done to me.

B) Beat him with my hands until there is only a tiny bit of life left in him. Now this has that personal touch. It allows me to release some tension and steam. I won’t kill him you see he still has a tiny bit of life left. It’s just a thought

C) Or I could smack him in the head and duct tape him to a chair and gag him for the day. Then leave him out in the afternoon sun until the boss shows up. Not as violent but it does allow some tension to be released and does have that personal touch.

So what should I do? A. ,,,,,,B. ,,,,,,C.

Walker smile

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