blue moon (2)

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Moving Part 2 ©

1, 2,3,4,5
1, 2,3,4,5
Whew all still there.
Fuck, if I loose a finger I’m gonna kill you.”
“It slipped.”
We carried the sixth flat shelf to the truck.
We had 10 shelves in the truck now and I wanted to put something down the middle to fill it up.
Let’s go find the boss and see what he wants us to move now.”
“He’s gone”
What do you mean he is gone? When did he leave?”
“He said he was going to rent a hoist so we could raise some stuff to the mezzanine at the new shop”
“Ok, let’s go to the front office and get some of the furniture there and put it in the middle to keep the shelves from moving
We went into the front office and there were some fancy teak bookshelves there so we decided to move them to the truck. I tried to pick up one end and it was too heavy for me so forget the kids end. I decided to unscrew the top section and carry it out in 2 parts.
There were only 4 screws holding the top to the bottom so it was easy to take apart. Once the screws were undone we each got on either side and lifted the top off and stood it on the floor.
What happened next was right out of an Abbott and Costello movie.
What I hadn’t noticed was there was no bottom panel so the middle piece went down because of the weight and the shelves started snapping in half. The ends were made of plastic that held them. Like dominoes they went pop, pop, pop all 10 shelves. We were holding the end pieces still and the middle with the shelves were broken on the ground.
“You gonna get it now when the boss comes back”
I just looked at the kid and told him it was my fault and will accept responsibility.
I decided do to try and move any of the other furniture which looked the same. I didn’t want to run everything.
So we went and started loading bins. There were 75 large red bins we had filled and now had to move.
The boss showed up 30 minutes later and I walked up to him with the kid in tow behind me.
Hey boss, I said I tried to move the book case in the office and the whole center broke and its all on the floor busted
The kid was standing behind me waiting to hear me get shit.
That’s not a big deal I did it the first time to. Its center is heavy. There is a special way of taking them down. I got extra plastic pieces to fix it, so don't worry about it.”
After that I turned around and went to go back to moving the bins. The kid seeing the result of my confession jumps in with.
“I helped break it too.”
I just laughed as I walked into the back room.
We loaded 52 bins in the truck and it was now full, so we hopped in and proceeded to the new warehouse.
It took us 6 hours to load the truck and 4 hours to unload it.
Through out the whole day there I learned that I have fast hands, very fast hands.
The boss drove us home and said he would pick us up at 8 am the next day.
I came home feeling like I had been hit by a speeding train.
My feet were killing me especially my arches. I went straight to the shower and washed and then lay on the bed and turned on the bedroom laptop.
Sara was there waiting for me and asked how my day went and I thing I moaned, groaned and just bitched about the day. She sat there reading to me from a book and then we both went to bed.
The next morning at 8 am the boss was there with the kid in the back seat.
We went to the new site and were told we had to rebuild the flat shelves so they could put the stock on after we went and got it. I wanted to do it alone since the shelves were on the ground but the boss’s partner wanted the kid to help me.
All right kid, this is what they want. Every 5th hole, screw in your side of the self. You got it?
”Yes he said”
So we went at it. It took about 40 minutes to rebuild the shelf. With his help we stood it up and as I looked at it, all the shelves were tilting to one side. I looked at the thing to see if it was bent some how but no it was ok.
I don’t understand I said It should be straight. We bolted it every 5th hole.”
5th Hole, I thought you said 4th hole”
I wanted to kill him so much at that moment. Each shelf had 32 screws on his side and we had to take them off and redo them in the right holes.
My boss’s partner turned out to be a pain in the ass to, he kept taking us off what we were suppose to do and making us do stuff for him specifically that had nothing to do with the move. He was more interested in his things and ordered us to do small stuff and didn’t help. Where as the guy that hired me got down and dirty with us.

To be continued


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