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Monday, August 01, 2005

This Weekend ©

This weekend started with my best friend coming for a visit. We went out and caught up on current happenings in our lives and started reminiscing about past days. We sat at my local pub on the deck and talked for hours.
Most of the conversations started with “remember when”, and continued.
People had gathered around our table to talk to me, and stayed to listen to the stories. At one point the people sitting behind me asked if they could listen too and there were about 20 people now listening to some of the wild and crazy things we had done.
One story had me in at home when the doorbell rang.
I answered it and a Rastafarian friend was standing there with his trade mark grin on his face. I never could understand how he could smoke so much pot.
Hey Brian, what’s up?
Hey maaaaaaaan, it is cooooool. What’s with you brother.
I’m just sitting here watching TV.
Where’s your girl friend? I don’t see her here.
She went shopping with a friend.
I don’t tink she likes me man. She always runnin away when I come over.
Well bud you scare the shit out of her. You always show up bug eyed and those dread locks don’t help.
I don’t want to scare her man. I will wear sunglasses next time I come.
Yeah well it would probably scare her more.
So what brings you here?
I though maybe I could trade some ganja for some hash. I am sick of smokin the same ting all the time.
Yeah sure, I wouldn’t mind a change.
We did our swap and sat down for a toke.
The pot was first rate and had me laid back into the couch. He was next to me in pretty much the same state.
We sat there for a couple of minutes when he started to stir and started muttering something. Then he got up and walked and stood in front of my TV and started saying something louder and louder.
Hey Brian can you move man I can’t see the TV.
LSD25 man
No Brian, TV.
No LSD25 man.
No Brian that’s a Panasonic, 20 inch TV.
No Walker it’s LSD25.
Maybe that’s the model number, what do I know.
He reaches up and takes down a picture from the wall.
I had found this cool picture from the 60’s at a garage sale for 50 cents. It was so funky I bought a frame for it and hung it on the wall.
It was there for 2-3 years before Brian took an interest to it..
Hold on put that back and leave it alone.
LSD25 MAN!!!!!!!!
What the fuck is he talking about?
Then he starts taking it apart and I come off the couch and try and take it from him, but he was not giving it up and got it out of the frame.
I stood there staring at him and watching what he was going to do next.
He tears a piece off the corner and EATS IT!!!!!!!
That’s my picture you’re eating.
No man it’s LSD25
He ate a piece of my picture. I took it away from him and he sat down on the couch. Then he tells me that the picture I bought from a garage sale for 50 cents is an acid blotter called LSD25.
NOW, I know he smokes too much pot.
About 20 minutes later Brian is on my couch white water rafting, swaying and whooping it up.
Shit, he is whacked out of his tree.
I look at the picture in my hand and tear of a piece from the opposite corner, but a lot smaller and eat it.
I sat on the couch and waited as Brian was floating all over the living room.
20 minutes go by, nothing.
Brian is tracing the seams in the wall paper through out the room.
30 minutes pass and still no sign that it had done anything.
Fuck, Brian this is shit. You ate my picture for nothiiiiiiiii………WOW!!!!!!!!!
All of a sudden I was happy, REALLY happy. I couldn’t stop laughing and my whole body felt light. I was sitting on the couch and the whole world was in another dimension.
The girlfriend showed up from shopping and found Brian and I spaced out on the couch. She asked what the fuck we had been up to so I just gave her a piece from the other corner and we all sat there white water rafting for a couple of hours.
There were a thousand hits of acid on that blotter and a lot of white water rafting that came along with it.

That was one of the stories told on Friday night.

Saturday started on a sad note.
My brother’s stepdaughter’s friend drowned the 2 days before, while swimming with friends, he was 13 years old. Many people went to the church where the father is the Pastor to be with the parents.
The father did the funeral service for his son.
I don’t know if I could have been that brave.
The next day I was at the Bbq that I wrote in my previous post and my nephew had to be taken to the hospital for his appendix.
So it was a busy and exciting weekend.
Oh and I got my Santana T-shirt from the concert I missed and my unused ticket has been saved for me.

That was my weekend and I hope you all had a good one.


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