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Friday, August 05, 2005

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Those of you who have been popping over to see our friend Schotzy at Love Life have noticed something has happened to her site. I have been inform not to be worried and that she will be back soon, with some more stories of her past, present and how much she loves life.
Hurry back S.

Good morning Blog world.
I am back from a night on the town with Patticake.
She stormed in last night and ripped out this morning but in between it was a blast.
She had a problem getting in touch with me initially but finally showed up. She walked through the door, we exchanged hugs and kisses.
Then she says I need to change.
I showed her to her room and she returned with a fresh set of clothes on and said ok lets go. I took her to my favorite bar and even though I have told her my real name she preferred to call me Walker.
The people that were serving me asked me later when I had gone inside why I was using an alias.
I told them I was on secret government business and the lady was a secret agent for Toys R Us and was looking for Barbie Look alikes for a new line of inflatable doll, geared to the adult market.
What, you don’t believe that?
Its ok, the waitress didn’t either.
Oh, if there are any single guys out there looking for anyone, yes Patti is single and heads were turning every time she headed off to the washroom.
We sat on the patio and it was a beautiful night for it.
There was a cool breeze blowing across the deck giving out the scent of freshly burned unleaded gasoline. Something a county gal like Patty doesn’t often get to enjoy.
That wasn’t all the surprises for this lady no sir, she was entertained by buses and street sweepers going by also.
She was left agape with the sight of homeless people; they don’t have any where she is from. I should have offered to ship up a couple of hundred up to her town but I forgot. Age is eroding my memory.
We sat there sipping wine and drinking beer for about an hour or two before we ordered some wings. She likes her hot so she ordered suicide. She sat there eating them like there was no sauce of them.
I asked her if they were to hot and she said no they were kinda mild.
Kinda mild!?
The people at the next table were eating salad and there were tears running down their faces because Patti’s wings were so hot.
We sat there trading stories back and forth. I pointed out various people from many of my posts so she could get an idea who I was talking about when I posted.
The whole time she was bopping back and forth with the tunes that were playing on the deck and at one point the Stones came on and she couldn’t hear it that well so I phoned inside and had them crank it up for that one song.
About 1:30 am we got up and hailed a cab and came home for one more beer and off she went to bed.
In the morning she got up and headed down stairs to the living room where she met Emme my cat.
Emme had not met Patti earlier because Emme eats shits and sleeps all day and missed her arrival.
I was coming down the stairs when I heard Patti say “nice kitty”
Patti, “its ok I won’t hurt you”
I walk around the corner and Patti was trying to tell me she wasn’t torturing the cat.
I explained that’s how Emme talks.
I don’t know why, but that’s it.
She sounds like someone is stepping on her tail all the time.
It maybe an early warning signal before someone steps her tail who knows.
We sat there for a little while talking and then she got up and took off for Montreal and family there.
It was fun meeting a new friend and this one from the Blog world.
Have a safe trip Patti.

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Yup it's friday again and you know what that means.
But this time I am throwing a new twist into the new links.
Instead of ME putting up a new link. I would like you to add one from my blog roll and come back and tell me who you added. Now I know I have many that most of you have but I am sure there must be one there that you could link. Now you know I have good taste in what I read because you are all there.

Fridays Joke.

There was a Rabbi and a Catholic Priest on a flight from Los Angeles to New York sitting side by side.
After about 30 minutes in the air, the Catholic priest looks at the Rabbi and says, " Rabbi, can I ask you a personal question"
"Why yes" says the Rabbi.
"Well",says the Priest "I wanted to ask, Have you ever eaten pork?"
"Ah, once a long time ago when I was in university at a Bbq. It smelled so good I had to have a try" said the Rabbi
"Oh, ok thank you" replied the priest.
An hour goes by and the Rabbi looks over at the Priest and says" Father I was wondering can I ask you a personal question?"
"Sure" replied the Priest
"I just wanted to know if you have ever had sex" asked the Rabbi.
"Yes I did a long time ago before I was ordained" replied the Priest.
The Rabbi leaned in closer and asked,"did you ever eat pussy?"
The Priest smiled and said, "yes"
The Rabbi Grinned and said"Tastes better than Pork EH"

Have a nice safe weekend


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