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Saturday, August 13, 2005

The Big Bash Is On ©

Today is the day.
All my friends that live here are coming and the food is all preped.
Even the cat is warming up the guitar for some fence top serenading.

I don't have to tell you the menu because you saw it on a previous post but it's all done but the scorching of the meat. The booze is ready to. There will be jelly shooters of various types and 60 of them. Jello shooters for those who do not know, are jello and I substitute one cup of water with Vodka and mix it all up and pour it into plastic shot cups and let it set. A fun drink which also has the added feature of , you can't spill it even if it falls on the floor.
I may even have a few drinks.
I remember my first taste of alcohol. It was when I was a toddler and one of me aunts kissed me on the lips. That was it and I was hooked.
When ever there was a party I could be seen trying to steel a bottle.


Well I got to scoot so this will be a short post for a change. I don't know if I will be posting tomorrow so all I can say is enjoy the music and enjoy your weekend, I know I will.


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