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Friday, July 15, 2005

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Yes here it is.

Every Friday I will Preview a new Blog for your to visit and to link, if you so desire.
This week I stumbled across this delicious little morsel.
I noticed Kathryn there already. She probably followed that ‘canis lupus’ sense of smell of hers. LOL
This site will leave you wet and begging for more. I was dancing around looking from blog to blog and going through other peoples links and voila, today’s first ever “NEW LINK”. Enjoy.

I will also try and keep my Friday posts light and easy. Writing these whoppers is draining and besides, the weekend is for fun and relaxation. So with that in mind.

I’m a big fucken SLUT!!!!!!!!
Yup there is no other way to say it. SLUT SLUT SLUT!!!!!!
SLUT < ----- Just felt like saying the last one. I was having a flashback to my first EX. I was over at Brian’s and he had this survey to tell you how much of a slut you are. WELL, what can I say, for a guy who hasn’t been fucked since October 24, and I’M a big SLUT.
I answered the damn questions as normally, and honestly as I could, Sheeesh. Ok I’m a little perverted but Sara taught me everything I know. (I can see the thunder clouds collecting already).
So ok I like eating a little pussy, who doesn’t? (Ok ladies flip it the other way, unless some of you are into grooming your cats). So I like sex a lot, who doesn’t. Except my friends husband in England, but I think he’s a wanker, so that might be the same. We’ll find out when I get news of his carpel tunnel syndrome.
Any how I answered the multitude of questions as honestly as I could and this was the result.

Now for the record my skin has never looked that soft and silky. Sara’s is, but not mine, and my legs have more hair on them, and I never EVER saw that towel before either.
Look at that to 82% slut, now that’s pathetic. Where’s the other 18%? I’m a failure.
Give it a shot and tell me if you dare too.

Fridays Joke

The Iceman cometh

In the summer of 1940 the young ice man drove his pickup truck up and down the streets looking at the "ice cards" hung on the screen doors of the residents who had ice boxes. The cards usually had 3 settings; 12 1/2 lbs, 25 lbs and 50 lbs. It was a poor time and two old sisters lived alone and sometimes would show their card for 12 1/2 lbs.

The young man knew they never paid their bill but he always stopped and took all the broken pieces off his truck and tried to pack their small wooden ice box. One day, after he had packed their box one of the sisters stepped out on the back porch and asked to speak to the young man. She seemed very shy and embarrassed, saying, "Young man my sister and I know you have helped us and knowing we could not pay. We have read in books that sometimes women offer their bodies for sex in exchange for favours. Since we have no money we decided to do that for you and since I am the youngest I am offering myself."

The young feller tried to convince her that it was not necessary but after she insisted he finally said, "Okay," and they proceeded. After he dressed he took out his receipt book and wrote "PAID IN FULL" and handed it to the sister.

She looked at the bill for only a second and blurted, "Now, look here, young man, we got that ice a little piece at a time and we intend paying for it the same way!"

Have a Happy Slutty Weekend.


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