blue moon (2)

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Go Ahead I Asked For It ©

Since it’s to hot and I don’t feel like writing a big story. I thought maybe I would do something different.
Even though I have posted many things about myself, there maybe something you the reader would like to know.
Add the fact that many people are away and I could get off pretty easy, I decided I will do it now.
For one day, I will take any questions you ask me, anything involving me alone and answer them as honestly as I can, as a post then next day.
And you only get to ask one question and I will not take any anonymous questions either, I’m not that stupid Ha Ha Ha and Sara is excluded also, sorry dear. You know way too much already. LOL
I will take all questions starting at midnight today to midnight tomorrow and answer them all on the 25th hour.

So have at it.


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