blue moon (2)

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Too Hot!!!! ©

It was noon.
The sun was high and blazing down on me.
I could feel my skin sizzling under the extreme heat.
Every breath was a chore. Breathing the thick hot air was like breathing underwater, oh water; I hadn’t tasted water for such a long time.
I had forgotten what it felt like having the cool substance run down my throat. To be able to follow the coolness slowly running down my throat and into my belly, charging my body with a new life.
Every pore in my body screaming for its share of the precious moisture, that it has been lacked for so long.
But when, when will I see water again, where will I find it.
How long can I survive without a drink?
The sweat had gathered all through my shirt causing it cling to my body like a second skin, making it uncomfortable to move in.
I can see the heat waves dancing in front of me, like a sea of invisible fire waiting to engulf me and leave my bleached bones on the ground.
I don’t know how long I can keep this up.
My legs are getting tired I will have to sit soon.
This is to hot.
I don’t think I will make it.
I’ll sit at that stump for awhile and rest, maybe if it gets later in the day it will cool off and I can continue……..
It’s been 2 hours now and it’s only getting hotter.
This is it.
This is where one day they will find me.
Dead leaning on this stump, that’s if the dogs don’t eat me first and scatter my bones all over the place.
I got to get up and start moving again, I had to keep going, have too, must………keep………moving.


Here’s your water Walker.
Thanks Ma.
It’s really hot here today.
With the humidity it’s about 40 in the shade, providing you can find shade.
My father in his infinite wisdom, NOT!!!!!!!!!! Decided to tear apart the tool shed today of all days and he knew about what the weather was going to be like.
He fancies himself some what of a carpenter.
I think of him more as a demolition man.
Not like Sly Stallone of course, more like Rodney Dangerfield, but Greek not Jewish.
He starts off yesterday by telling me he is going to fix the shed and when I told him what he was planning to do was wrong, he told me I had no idea about what I was saying.
What do I know?
A one time aspiring architect, who build the back of the house by himself AND the said shed.
11 am the phone rings and I get woken up, and me with a hangover. Tell you about that another day.
It’s Rodney, um I mean my father.
Can you come outside for a minute he says?
Later I’m still sleeping. I reply
NO!!!!! Now, I need you now, he bellows.
I fall out of bed crushing the Kleenex box and knocking over the remote and almost total the laptop which I had forgot in bed.
I hadn’t noticed the heat until I got out of bed. Considering I was sleeping under a ceiling fan naked so understandably I didn't notice the heat. Should I be telling you all of this , Hmmmm?
I go to the can aka washroom and do the morning routine and then go down stairs. I stop, turn go back upstairs and to get some clothes.
That done, I go back down and outside to the yard to where my father is.
I stop dead in my tracks.
I look at him and say, you said you wanted to make the door bigger. I guess you done it.
He had removed the whole front of the shed, a big shed that took me 4 days to build from scratch.
I don’t know what happened, he said. Every time I took a piece of wood off I had to take another one off and then it was all down. I didn’t know when to stop.
You should have stopped before you took the vinyl siding I said.
But I had to take that off first.
I know that way the shed would still be whole.
It’s your fault he said.
You built it wrong.
Now I’m thinking about a very VERY early inheritance.
Are you going to fix it he asks me?
Nope, I replied you made this mess you fix it.
But I can’t and they are going to steal all my stuff.
He has 40 years of garbage in there. Working and not working. If anyone steals it, he'd have to be a moron.
My mother came out and gave me a guilt trip about my poor old stupid father, in her words, and she also mentioned she had to live with him if I didn’t help.
I had to haul out my tools and tool belt and start working in the hot sun.
Did I need him, nope?
Was he there, yup?
He was everywhere, doing nothing but getting in my way.
Most popular phrase of the day was, move please.
Move please.
Move please.
For 4 hours, I was out there in the blazing sun and I only got the shell and the door fixed, so he can lock it up. I also built part of the wall on hinges so it would swing open making the doorway bigger. He was thinking of cutting the wall 4 inches and nailing a 2x4 on the side of the door to make it wider, OI.
Now my father is a retired Chef. You’re not going to beat him in the kitchen but,

Have a nice day.


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