blue moon (2)

Monday, July 11, 2005

Runaway TV ©

Here is a story from my past. This was about 1982.
I had gone over to see a friend of mine, lay back and catch a buzz.
We were sitting there smoking joints, drinking beer and watching movies.
When the movie was over, I checked my watch for the time and told him one more spliff and I was gone. We smoked it and I got up, said goodbye and opened the door. Then closed it just as fast, but not before a cloud of smoke went out.
Shit, I said.
What’s the matter Dino asks?
There are two cops coming though the front entrance.
Do you think they could smell anything?
I wanted to slap him in the head right there.
What do you think? That was an odorless cloud of hash that just meandered out the door.
I looked through the key hole and they were looking at the numbers and coming straight towards this apartment.
Have you done anything lately, I asked him.
I do shit everyday, but I don’t know if they are looking for me, he said.
I look through the keyhole again and they were right at the door, I was literally staring into the cop’s eyes.
Fuck, I whispered.
It’s Saturday and I could end up in jail for being at the wrong place at the wrong time AGAIN. (Yes this has happened 3 times to me).
As I’m looking through the keyhole I hear the other cop go “it’s here” and this one walked over.
Whew, that was close.
Now the question is what are they doing here?
There were 6 apartments on this ground floor.
We hear, them banging on the door across the hall and call out identifying themselves as the police.
Then we hear a loud crash and then silence.
Being the quiet, mind your own business kind of guy. I open the door and step out with Dino on my heels.
The door across the hall is shattered. I walk up to it and look in. I see nothing so I step in.
Dino was telling me not to go in, but who listens to him.
I’m standing in the living room and it was empty, not a soul. I move towards the window and I see the cops chasing this guy down the street and they had been joined by 2 other cops. They all must have hopped out the window.
Dino had moved up beside me and was watching too.
Look at him go he remarked.
I looked and told him that he won’t get far. As soon as his body realizes how out of shape he is he’ll drop.
Dino looked around and says they won’t be able to close this door again it’s totally smashed.
I turned and looked and agreed with him.
Look he even forgot the TV on.
I don’t think he had the time to close it I said. That is a nice TV too.
A 27 inch Mitsubishi.
Hey Dino, do you see the remote anywhere?
Yeah it’s here, you going to close it.
Yeah I’m going to close it, pass it over.
I close the TV and put the remote in my pocket. I walk over and unplug it and start pushing it out the door.
Where you going with that? Dino asks.
Well, look at the door, anyone can come in and steal it, so I’m making sure no one does.
Oh, but it won’t fit in my place.
Ah not to worry I replied I have lots of space at my place. Give me a hand getting it to the van.
We wheel the TV to the van but there cruiser is parked behind it and I can’t get in the back, and there is a car parked in the front.
I stepped to the sidewalk and look up and down the street. Then I go to the cruiser and look into it and I can see the keys in the ignition, I guess when the cops saw him take off they ran after him and forgot the keys.
I open the car and get in, start her up and back up 6 feet or so. I shut it off and put the keys in my pocket.
What, I didn’t want anyone to steal it.
We loaded the car and I told Dino if the guy shows up to call me and I will return it.
As I turn the corner I see the cops walking the guy back to the cruisers.
I look at them, smile and nod my head, which they acknowledged.
The whole time I was playing with the car keys in my pocket.
I drive home and got my neighbor to help me unload it.

Two days later the phone rings and it’s my friend Jeff.
Hey man thanks for that tip yesterday. I got a VCR and a new stereo. I owe you one.
Not to worry, what are friends for? I replied.
Hold one a minute someone is at my door.
I open the door and there is Dino.
Come on in and have a seat but give me a second I’m on the phone.
Hey Jeff, Dino is here I’ll talk to you later.
Cool and thanks again, he says and hung up.
What’s up Dino?
You’re not going to believe this, but last night someone went to the apartment across the hall and cleaned it out.
NOOOOO, you’re kidding.
Yeah yeah, the superintendent was pissed. That guy across the hall had robbed a bank and the cops were looking for him. He is going away for along time and the super thought that he was going too get to keep his stuff for the rent, but someone cleaned the place out. Good thing you saved his TV.
Ummm yeah it is. You want a beer.
Sure thanks. Hey that’s a nice picture.
Yeah it is, isn’t it?

Three years later there is someone at the door. I open it and a friend of mine, Nash is standing there with someone I didn’t know.
Hey man, do you have anything to smoke he asks?
Yes I got some and I look at his friend and bring them in.
They sit on the couch and I am introduced to the new guy.
Hey, he says I used to have a TV like that once, but lost everything when I went to jail. They threw everything out in the garbage.
Really, I said.
Nash tells me this guy just got out of jail after doing three years for armed robbery.
I got what Nash wanted and threw some hash to the new guy and told him it was on the house for just getting out and to be careful.

That TV lasted 15 years before it finally gave in and died.

Have a nice day.


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