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Tuesday, July 05, 2005

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The fireworks are over, the head is clearing up and life in coming back to some form of normal. What ever the fuck that would be.
I was up until 8 am with Sara and Bella talking on MSN, well they were talking I was listening. Did I say talking, I meant giggling and I was the occasional pin cushion every now and again.
When it was time to hit the sack, the construction crew showed up. They have been here working for the last 2 months. 1 month was work the other month they were checking out my sister in laws tits, who spends most of here day talking to them and keeping them from finishing and getting the hell out of here.
I was so tired I just crawled into bed and passed out just the same. I was being serenaded to sleep with the sounds of hammers and saws slicing through heavy wooded ties.
Four hours later, which is about an average sleep for me, I get up and find my garden box is finally rebuilt and awaiting the 2 truckloads of topsoil tomorrow. Now all they have to do is replace the plants that were removed.
I went outside when they had left to inspect the work they had done. The city destroyed my garden and now they were rebuilding it, I just want it to be the same.
I was walking around, when I felt a tap on my shoulder. I look at it and even before I looked I knew. A bird had used me for a target and didn’t miss. Little bastard and not only does he shit on my shoulder he sticks around to gloat about it.
My mother was laughing and comes up with this bull shit superstitious mumbo jumbo that it means luck.
If it was luck, it would have landed on her and I wouldn’t be changing t-shirts. The first thing that happened after that, I was leaning on the new wall they built, that was suppose to be nailed in and it fell over. I spend 30 minutes pulling it up and driving some more nails into it.
Next I came in and sat to watch TV and right in the middle of a battle scene, my big screen TV had a stoke and pop a tuba phobia set in and it’s now dead. I don’t even want to think of what it will cost me to fix.
So it’s all over right?
Nope, I went upstairs to lie down on the bed and watch the TV there and I turned on the ceiling fan and it went poof and now it's not working.
So, tomorrow I am going to get up, shower, brush my teeth and then I am going outside in the morning and am going to shoot that little fucker in the ass. I’d like to put a hit on it but I don’t know any hit birds.vulture_snacking_lg_nwm
Bruno the Hit Bird

So now I am sitting writing the second post for today. Don’t worry you didn’t miss the first one, Blogger lost it.
I hope you all had a fab day and will see you tomorrow, maybe with a feather in my cap.

Have a nice tomorrow.


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