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Monday, July 04, 2005

Recovering For the Next Party ©

Well, what a week and then some.
Lots of food, lots good people to party with and it’s not over yet. Summer is so busy and a lot is always happening.
The Blues Fest is happening soon, and it will be happening only 8 blocks from where I live.
I’ll be going for sure to see ZZ Top, and hang out at the gospel tent.
They can really sing.
I have seen a hundred concerts I think and have seen ZZ Top twice already.
I was there when Meatloaf went through the stage floor after he jumped up and broke his leg.
I was there during Aerosmith when the stage caught on fire and the crowd thought it was part of the act and were cheering louder at the sight of the stage being engulfed in flames.
I was totally stoned at my first Pink Floyd concert and ate 10 hot dogs to soak up the beer and the bourbon I drank. Super Tramp was wild especially when the transformers blew in the middle of a song and we waited for 20 minutes for them to restart and they did and right in the middle of the word that they were on when the band was cut off.
David Bowie was wild.
Billy Idol was crazy.
Stevie Ray Vaughn made me leave theat the Begining of Robert Plant because there was no way he could have been better.
Stevie Nicks mmmm what can I say, but
Some idiot smoking a joint next to me, whom I didn’t know, offered it to me, I said no thanks and the next thing I know I was on the ground and being hand cuffed, PFFFFTTTTT.
I spent 2 hours chatting with Tina Turner, such a very nice person. I beat the shit out of Nash the Slash and I fucked up Eric Burton and the Animals so bad that they cancelled the concert. I guess the sun didn’t rise on that house that night. Ha Ha Ha.
I used to get tickets for all the concerts for free for a favor I had done. I got some real crappy tickets too.
The funniest thing I saw at a concert was at a Bay City Rollers concert. See, I got crap tickets too. There was this father who had taken his daughters to see them and as they got into their signature songs the girls went nuts and were screaming and rolling around the floor. The father was lost and beside himself. He thought that both of his kids were having some sort of seizure from the music and was running from one to the other trying to see what was wrong, what he could do to releave them of their pain. I wanted to go shoot the band for him but alas I had no gun. I guess he didn’t notice the other teen girls doing the same thing.
I was juststanding there laughing my ass off.
Now being a parent and wanting my kids to enjoy the same pleasures I experienced, when they wanted to go to a concert I got them tickets. The only problem was the Ex got up at 5 am to go to work. So Walker has also added, Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera to the list of concerts, that I have attended. LOL
August I get to add a band I have never seen and that’s The Stones, so Mick here I come and p.s. your ex is a bitch. I should kick him in the balls for what she did to me.

Today I watched some TV, I haven’t done much and I caught up on some movies.
I am some what of a movie buff. I have seen more movies than I can count and have many movies on my rack.
I also review movies for a video distributor which is sweet because I get advanced copies of movies while they are still in the theaters.
Beats spending 30 dollars to go out and this way I can have friends over to watch with me also.
I have been arranging my movies for the last hour and cataloging what I have so, I’ll be going back to it.
I just sat to write this. Here is the list I just typed out of my movies.
I hope you are all enjoying your weekend.

Hey before I go, how about you tell me your favorite concert/band and movie.

Mine was Pink Floyd for a concert and Field of Dreams , Casablanca for movies .

To All My American Neighbors to the South



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