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Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark ©

Orchestral manoeuvres in the dark.
This is a ballet that happens every night, but more so on the weekend.
It could be a production that you pay to go see on stage, but it’s not. It's out there on the street, in the pubs and the sports bars instead.
On this week and the next it is also at a park in the center of the city, where over 40 groups have gathered to entertain the people of this city.
The people that are out there looking for a good time, someone or something.
Life's real opera.
This night I had gone out to see friends for a birthday party of sorts.
As it was I was the only one there. The birthday boy wasn’t even there. Apparently he was ambushed the night before and was totally drunk by the time he left.
So not to waste a perfectly good shower, not to mention the cologne I was wearing, I headed out.
I stopped by this bar/restaurant for a drink and to look for potential posts don’t you know. Little did I know I hit the mother load, but I don’t think I would get an interview or a guest Blogger any time soon from this lot.
I sat in one of the corners alone soaking in the atmosphere.
The crowd was mixed in age and in financial status. There were both, the well off and the wannabes. The young were the wannabes, and the food for the night by the looks of it.
As I was watching I noticed an expensive sports car pull up and a man of about 55 steps out of the driver side. From the passenger side steps out a woman about 25. She could be his daughter.
They come in and migrate to the group of men and young women at the back corner.
As I’m watching, my eye caught the door opening again and a bleach blond comes in, I put her at 35 to 45 years of age, it’s hard to tell in the dim lit bar. She sauntered over towards the bar and procured a stool. Flashing a smile, she ordered a drink from the bartender.
I look across the room at the barmaid and when her eyes drifted to me I casually turned the label of the bottle towards her and without a word having been spoken between us, she turned and went behind the bar and brought me another beer over.
Drawing a nice big sip from my bottle, I saw the third group of performers for tonight’s post. It was a large group of men and women, young and old mixing it up.
Now before I continue, it’s not for me and you to judge people for what they do with their lives, but observing something in public is our luxury.

In the corner the man with the young woman had sat down with another group of men his age and she sat with the young ladies that were there already. The women were talking to each other but not in a fashion that told me that they were friends but like they were getting to know each other.
The men on the other hand knew each other and were laughing it up and having a grand old time.
It was obvious that the girls were, no different than the car was. A perk of having money, no more no less. The women were ignored for the most part, and sat there talking to the other furniture, until their owners had to go. Are some of you offended by what I just said? Too fucken bad. That’s what it is.
When I take my girlfriend out, it’s for us to socialize with our friends or each other. I keep my trophies at home and my partner at my side.
Now the women were there for the money, period. They got what they wanted and gave what was demanded of them or required if that word makes you feel better. Or they could go.
They got to live in a nice apartment because I doubt that they got to go to his house. They drove in an expensive car and dressed in nice clothes. All they have to do is suck a Viagra laden old mans cock, who has VERY BAD TASTE in a hair piece.
When he got up to leave and it was only 11 o’clock, he got up and with out asking her if she wanted to leave, she rose like his shadow and left with him. As they got closer to the door he also got closer to me and by the time he had gone the 30 feet or so, the smile on his face had changed to a bland heartless look.
He walked through the door and didn’t even hold it open for her. She followed him to the car and waited for the lock to pop on the passenger side so she could enter.
Just think, at any moment he could decide to just drive off and not pop the lock.

By this time I needed a smoke and went outside.
I lit one up and from behind me I hear, "do you have a light?"
There she was, the bleach blonde, holding a smoke in her hand.
I take out my Zippo and light her smoke.
I took a close look at her and noticed my initial guess about her age was wrong. She was about 45, and had lots of make up on trying to look younger, but her hands gave her away.
She commented on the rings on my hand and then reached out to touch the jewelry on the chain around my neck.
I took a step back and put the lighter in my pocket, trying to make it look like I wasn’t trying to keep her from touching me.
She began the small talk, the usual, by asking me if it’s my first time there because she was a regular and hadn’t seen me before.
I told her no it wasn’t and that I come here to eat during the day sometimes.
She kept probing me with questions and I sucked harder on the smoke so I can go back inside and have another beer.
With the smoke done I went back inside and ordered my third beer.
I sat there now watching the blonde. It was a long lonely watch. She sat there waiting for someone to go to her and say something, even just to acknowledge that she was even in the bar and that she existed. It wasn’t to happen though and she just sat there drinking her drink.

My eyes shifted to the large group of people that were now getting louder as they got drunker.
There was one particular woman I watched here.
She was in her late 40’s or early fifties. She looked fit and sported a nice set of fake tits. Or I could be wrong and she was superwoman with a set of C’s that defied gravity without a bra on.
She must have loved them because she did her best to reveal as much of them as possible and as often. She had cornered this young lad in his 20’s and was buying him drinks and getting cozy with him. They were laughing and having a good time. By the looks of her dress and jewels; it was obvious she had the money to spend.
It wasn’t long before she was pressed up against him and was rubbing his cock from the outside of his pants and was whispering into his ear.
I wonder what she was offering him.
Damn look at this, my beer is empty.
I promised Sara I wouldn’t drink too much.
I signaled the waitress to come over we talked for a second and then asked for my bill. Upon paying I went out side and stood at the window lighting a smoke.
I stood there looking at the bleach blonde at the bar. No one had gone to talk to her the whole time I was there.
She was for the most part, not worth anyone’s time.
She was too old for the man in the sports car and she was to poor for the young stud.
I took a drag on my smoke and saw the waitress walk up to her and hand her a drink. The blonde said something and waitress turned and pointed to my empty chair.

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