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Wednesday, July 20, 2005

I Don't Care ©

Update #2

Still confused?
The list is meaningless after the last one on the list.
You can take out all the ‘don’ts’ and it would make no difference. It would still come down to the same thing.
The most important thing to me is YOU.
It doesn’t mean I don’t believe in the things in the list, just that YOU come first to me.

I have seen so much, where people put things ahead of who is important to them.

My brother goes out and spends all his money on toys that he doesn’t need like a cooler that plugs into the car lighter, or the DVD player for the van. Today he got a table saw. He never uses any of these. On the other side he pays nothing for home expenses towards anything, his wife does with her money.

My sister in law shows up at my parent’s everyday and dumps my niece. “Dumps” is the right word. EVERYDAY for the 18 months of this child’s life, she has been left at my parents, from 8 am to 8 pm. My parents are in their 70’s and cannot go out to do anything any more.
I told my parents to say no to her and they tried it and she called my brother and told him that my parents did not want my niece to ever come back to their house, which had my brother calling home.
That day she told my parents that she had a doctor’s appointment and when I bumped into her she said se just got back from the Harley dealership and bought herself a new Harley $30,000.

A friend of mine leaves his wife at home with the kids and goes out with his friends every day. I asked him what about your old lady? He comes back with “she is boring and to busy”

My neighbors have good jobs and are parents of 2 beautiful kids. They are the biggest slobs you have ever seen. They drink beer and throw the cans and bottles everywhere and anywhere but the garbage. They have a cleaning lady (source of the info) that comes in and cleans up from the beer cans to the used underwear on the floor. The kids live in this filth.

I watched people walk over a man lying dead in front of the washroom. They were stepping over him and opening the door, going in for a piss and stepping over him to get out. He wasn’t even covered.

My ex sister in law spent $700 on one chair and had no money for food and fed her kids ketchup and hot water calling it soup so she could have that chair.

My other ex sister in law took in her mother, sold her mothers house and said she only got 26 thousand dollars for a house that was paid off that was 6 bedrooms and a 20 acre lot on a hilltop butting up to the woods on a secluded section of the road with a stream running through it. YEAH RIGHT!!!!
She kept the money as payment for keeping the mother; I wonder how much the mother charged to too raise her.

I couldn’t be like this. I like people to much to do this. I put people ahead of anything and I put certain people ahead of others depending on the situation.
Once I was out walking with my daughter in my arms. She was about 16 months and had just learned to walk, when out of the blue, the neighbor’s kid shoots out of the laneway. He was about 19 months and was a bullet. I looked up the laneway and didn’t see his parents and he was flying towards the end of the sidewalk and on of the busiest streets in the city.
Everything at this point I saw in slow motion. I put my daughter down on the side walk and yelled at her as loud as I can, knowing she would be scared and freeze. Then I ran off for the kid.
I couldn’t reach him in time and he bolted onto the street.
This big accordion bus bore down on him and you can see the bus driver try to avoid the child but there was no way he could not miss the kid. The bus went by sending me reeling.
It had clipped my left hip and shoulder. I managed to reach in and grab the kid with my right hand but I didn’t get completely out of the way.
The bus driver’s quick reflexes saved me from getting killed.
I walked over to my crying daughter who didn’t know why I had yelled at her. The bus driver and some passengers came running over to see if I was hurt.
I walked over to the neighbor’s house and rang the door bell and the mother answered the door and was surprised to see her son in my arms.
He had managed to open the back door while his mother was taking a nap and run off.
I have given money I had for my bills to help a friend and never got it back. I threw out a book with over $30,000 owed to me in a fire.
My friends freaked, they wanted to go collect the money and beat the crap out of them. To what end? They had no way to pay it, what would making their lives worse achieve. Money isn’t that important to me where someone has to suffer because of it.
We are born broke and naked.
When we are babies we have no knowledge of race, religion, sex, or any of the vices afflicting people today.
We learned all that.
People are the most important thing in life and that’s all I care about, the rest is bonus.

Update #1
Everything I said in the list is true.
It's true for me and most of you if not all.
Now Sara knows the answer and I think Fizzy and Kathryn do as well.
I know I am being mean throwing this out in the morning at you all, but what can I say.
I'm going out shopping and if there is more confusion, I will put up update #2 and answer you comments.

I don’t care about being rich.
I don’t care about the poor.
I don’t care about religion.
I don't care about what people say.
I don’t care about drugs.
I don’t care about toys.
I don’t care about noise.
I don’t care about silence
I don’t care about education.
I don’t care about booze.
I don’t care about sex.
I don’t care about fast cars.
I don’t care about pollution.
I don’t care about poverty.
I don’t care about aids.
I don’t care about cancer.
I don’t care about war.
I don’t care about death.
I don’t care about life.
I don’t care about politics.
I don't care about what people think.
I don’t care about love.
I don’t care about hate.
I don’t care about music.
I don’t care about the law.
I don’t care about tomorrow.
I don’t care about yesterday.
I don’t care about friends.
I don’t care about enemies.
I don’t care about new clothes.
I don’t care about new shoes.
I don’t care about jewelry
I don’t care about hot.
I don’t care about cold.
I don’t care about me.

By mlwhitt
I don't care about 24 hour news channels.
I don't care about terrorist.
I don't care about who is going to get voted to the court.
I don't care about crappy software.

I don’t care about anything but…………………You.

Have a nice day


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