blue moon (2)

Monday, July 18, 2005

Fire and Rain ©


It’s been hot as blazes here lately.
For weeks we hadn’t seen rain and the front of my house was a construction site.
I was sitting here the other day at 2 am and all that ended.
I have seen some big thunderstorms and some flash floods, but the light show we were treated to the other day was massive and so unique in its size and duration, that everyone had gotten out of bed and watched it outside. It was right over my house almost and the sky lit up like it was Canada Day fireworks.
For a solid hour this went on and the rain was a steady drizzle. The lightning bolts were firing off in groups, 4-5 at a time every 30 seconds or so through out the whole sky.
At times they looked like they were hitting the ground not to far from where I was standing.
Then it all changed in a blink of an eye.
The rain came with such a fury that we were shocked at the ferocity of it all.
You couldn’t see 2 feet in front of you and the drops look huge.
We did need it, and it looked like it was saving it up for this day to dump all in one shot.
I have seen some wild things dished out by Mother Nature.
We had an ice storm here that halted the city to a total stop. Everything was covered in a coat of ice making the whole city look like a large beautiful diamond., but caused so much trouble. The whole region was stuck at home. There were elderly that rely on meals being delivered to them daily. The people did a great job taking care of everyone.
Then we had a twister touch down here 7 years ago, now that was different, because we don’t get them. A row of houses was demolished and no one was hurt.
Then there is the snow. I will not try and comparing it with any other place but here, fuck we get heaps of it.
I would look out the window before bed and there would be green grass and in the morning there is a foot of the stuff on the ground.
When I was a kid I spent hours well past 1 am clearing the snow out of the laneway so my father could find it clean after work. Damn yard is 150 feet long and 12 feet wide. With buildings on either side this only created a big bin for snow. It seemed like all the snow was falling in the yard for me to shovel.
The day after the storm there were floods every where, but our street. They just installed the new drain pipe here first. Every where I went I could see the company trucks of the cleanup crews.
Now it been 4 days since that massive storm and the weatherman is saying temperatures of up to 40 for the next week or two.
I wish it would snow soon.

What is the worse weather conditions you have had to endure?



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