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Thursday, July 21, 2005

Happy Friends Day ©

Today has been a rollercoaster of emotions.
I start my day the same way everyday.
I wake up and hit the on button on the bedroom computer and head off to the head. (Washroom)
I come back and my blog is open on the screen, and one of my MSN’s is open next to it.
I clear the emails first.
It’s not a small task there is about 50 on average on this one. (I get about 200 emails a day between the 3 addys I have)
Then I will look at my comments but not answer them. I will read a couple of blogs but not comment. I do that later when I’m at my work station.
This morning’s email produced a death notice. A friend from my football pool passed away in his sleep, he was 74. I grieve with his family, but he had a good life and he will be missed.
Cheers to Russ.
I have another friend who many of you have seen posting comments here, Leti (Main Avenue) she has disappeared on me without a trace, Her email addy has been discontinued and I can’t reach her on any of her other addys.
This has me distressed. She means so much to me. She was there when I needed someone in the worst way in a dark period of my life and now she’s disappeared.
I hope everything is ok.
I get down stairs and fire up the 2 main computers.
I feed the cats who are already waiting at the cupboard where their food is stored while the computers are starting.
I get my morning coke (BTW its 1 pm) and Joe Louis, nothing like and early morning sugar rush.
I sort through the other emails. Half are blog related many others are backgammon related. 50 are from people that think I should grow my boobs to a size “c” cup and enlarge my cock until it’s dragging on the floor and if I manage to get it hard without passing out for lack of blood I’d probably smack myself between the eyes, knocking myself out.
Any way I’m sitting here and my MSN goes off and it’s a friend from backgammon.
He says, “Happy Friends Day”.
"What is that?" I ask him
He says in Argentina today is Friends Day. Every year they celebrate this day.
Well fuck me silly.
What a GREAT idea that is?
Where the hell is the rest of the world?
I’ll tell you where, pretending to be friends and killing each other.
What a fabulous idea.
We spend so much time celebrating national pride and say that we are friends with everyone, but we never show it unless there is war in the air or a crisis.
How about showing it when there is no conflict.
Where the fuck is the UN to see this?
What is national pride?
Showing the spirit of your counrty.
In the big picture don’t we all live on the same planet?
Isn’t that like a BIG country?
How about some Planet Pride.
We can compete with the Martians, yeah thats it.
We can become the friendliest planet in the solar system.
We can get T-shirts made saying 'GO TEAM EARTH'.
How cool would that be?
It's just a thought.
A Happy Friends Day, I like the ring to that.
Even though I am a Canadian, I am still an Earthling, right.
I Walker, am a Canadian but where do I live?
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, North America, Earth.
Yup that looks about right to me.
I'm an Earthling.
As an Earthling I have gone out in search of people.
We as bloggers have been meeting people, through out this planet (more Earthlings) and making friends with people we have never personally met(friendly Earthlings), but yet we call them friend.
We cry with them and laugh with them and sometimes bleed when they bleed.
I have made many new friends, look at my sidebar and today I will add 3 more friends.
A Friends day.
I like it.
It's got that, I want to hug someone feeling to it.
On the first Monday of every August, we here in Canada have a holiday. It has no name; it’s just the first Monday in August. That’s a shitty name for a holiday.
So, from now on, Walker has decided that on the first Monday in August he will celebrate Friends Day from here on.
What everyone one else does is their business but I will celebrate my friendship with all of my friends here at home and out there with you.
So with that all said I would like to introduce you to the 3 links I am adding today (more Earthlings).
Two very funny ladies and OMG a GUY.
The ladies have us outnumbered still though.

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One has been on my list for 2 weeks but I forgot to introduce her. She is funny, daring, she is willing to jump up and down on a trampoline.
The other lady will crawl into anywhere to sleep. I see a Fear Factor contestant here.
Last but not least a fellow Si Fi fan. Who has been flying around to all our blogs lately, saying “Hi” to all of us.
Welcome and all of you out there stop by and say Hi to these nice new friends when you get a chance.

Fridays Joke:

We Is Friends!

Me And You Is Friends ...
You Smile, I Smile ....
You Hurt, I Hurt ..
You Cry, I Cry ...
You Jump Off A Bridge ..
I'm Gonna Miss Your E-mails!

Aw this was to short , here's another one.

A kleptomaniac woman had been caught shoplifting in
a supermarket and had to appear in court, taking along
her long-suffering husband for moral support.

The prosecution proved that the theft had taken place
so the judge told her that, considering her record, he
was forced to impose a jail term.
"This time you stole a can of tomatoes. Let us suppose
that there were six tomatoes in the can. Do you
agree?" The woman agreed. "Then I sentence you to
six nights in jail."

The husband jumped to his feet , addressing the
judge, "Your honor, may I approach the bench?"

"Well," said his honor, this is somewhat ! unusual but I
will make an exception in this case. You may approach
the bench."

The husband wasted no time getting there and,
leaning forward, he said in a low voice, "She also stole a
can of peas, your honor."

Have a nice weekend


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